Payne PG9 Furnaces

Payne PG9 Furnace Overview

With eight models available, Payne’s PG9 Series offers a large selection of condensing gas furnaces in a variety of efficiency ratings, features and configurations. Units range from 90 to 96 percent AFUE, but all meet Energy Star standards.

The highest tier models in this series, the PG96VAT and PG95VAT, offer up to 96 percent AFUE and provide two-stage heating, which allows the furnace to consistently operate on a low energy output until there is a drastic change in temperature. These models also reportedly provide efficient heat transfer due to a secondary heat exchanger and variable-speed motor.

The PG9 Series offers three models of 95 percent AFUE furnaces, as well as two 92-percent and one 90-percent AFUE furnaces. These models provide single-stage heating. Several are available in upflow, downflow and horizontal configurations. A variable-speed fan, electronic-controlled blower motor, and tight-fitting doors to reduce air leakage are additional features of these units.

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Consumer Reviews of Payne PG9


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  • #2 of 8 Payne Furnace
  • 66.67% of customers recommended

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Payne PG9 Furnace Reviews

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"13 years and running strong"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I had my Payne 90% efficiency furnace installed in 2006, and it’s operated perfectly since that time. I’ve had no issues of any kind, and (I hate to admit it), I’ve also had no sort of maintenance done since installation, other than periodically replacing the filters. I was online looking for information about what sort of maintenance is recommended, and came across this website and wanted to report my positive experience with the furnace since the two negative reviews were inconsistent with what I’ve encountered. Perhaps (as one reviewer mentioned) the problems were related to installation.

Seattle, WA

"Payne PG95SA**** 95% efficient natural gas heater is great."

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Pg95sa**** 95% efficient natural gas heater installed a few months ago by a Payne installer who knows what he is doing. This heater is great. Quiet heats the house evenly works great. This is a high-end Payne, it is exactly like the carrier, all the same parts, 95% efficient so for every dollar you spend on natural gas to heat the house 95 cents is heating the house. The exhaust is slightly warm. A step up from my 30 year old 80% efficient heater. It was installed in the fall. So far no complaints

Philadelphia, PA

"Control board died"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I converted from oil to gas with this Payne gas furnace in September, 2014, and the control board died on 1/17/15! It’s January in Rhode Island and the board is on back order! Why did I even get rid of my old faithful oil furnace?

"Payne is not a Pain!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Like one reviewer said, it’s the install that is the problem. I work as hvac Tech on a military base. I installed Payne furnaces and a/c units for years. I do a lot of install side work and have installed dozens of these. Payne is built by Carrier and is identical part for part other than the label on the front and most important to consumers, the price! They run about $400 cheaper. I have installed a lot over 15 years and have only 1 fail. It was a bad draft motor in the first 4 months and was covered by warranty. I have one in my home for 10 years without a glitch. These are easy to troubleshoot and technician friendly, with not a lot of unneeded sensors like your York, Tranes and Lennox,(those brands are brutal and over priced). They more forgiving on the install unlike the brands I noted . If your piping and duct work isn’t exact they will shutdown from all the B.s sensors they put in. Any homeowner with a little bit of mechanical knowledge can repair these. I am not a Payne spokes person or distributor and have no benefit to promoting Payne. I’m just a tech who stumbled on this review site and saw the poor rating and was amazed at how low it was. By the way, I live in Buffalo, New York where all heating equipment is well tested. Again, check the installer, there’s your problem!!

Niagara Falls, NY

"Payne is great!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Despite all the bunk I’ve read about Payne furnaces in other reviews, they really are very good. I recently had one installed, and my gas bill dropped $30 in one month (and this is as winter was just starting to pick up). It runs quiet, and my humidity even dropped from over 60% to below %50. Talk about two birds with one stone. I also read elsewhere that a furnace will only work properly if it is installed properly. If you are in Kitchener-Waterloo area, I recommend Shillco Mechanical. They were really awesome, and checked up on us a couple times already to make sure everything running good. Cheers to all.

Waterloo, ON

Other PG9 Reviews

Payne receives mixed reviews on HVAC forums and review sites around the web. While several contractors on believe this series will perform “just fine” with proper installation, others don’t like the way these units are constructed.

These professionals note that they receive frequent service calls for Paynes and see a tendency for the secondary heat exchanger to fail if they are not cleaned properly. One professional on this site also says that these units can be difficult to service. Similarly, makes mention of the good warranty Payne offers, but rates both the higher and lower-tier PG9 systems very poorly, stating that the units have a low-quality heat exchanger.

Payne PG9 Model Numbers

The PG9 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
PG95XAT30040A 95.5 40,000
PG95XAT36060B 95.5 60,000
PG95XAT48080B 95.5 80,000
PG95XAT48100C 95.5 100,000
PG95XAT66120D 95.5 120,000
PG9MAA024040 92.1 40,000
PG9MAA024040* 91.5 40,000
PG9MAA024060 92.1 60,000
PG9MAA024060* 91.5 60,000
PG9MAA036040 92.1 40,000
PG9MAA036040* 91.5 40,000
PG9MAA036060 92.1 60,000
PG9MAA036060* 91.5 60,000
PG9MAA036080 92.1 80,000
PG9MAA036080* 91.5 80,000
PG9MAA048060 92.1 60,000
PG9MAA048060* 91.5 60,000
PG9MAA048080 92.1 80,000
PG9MAA048080* 91.5 80,000
PG9MAA048100 92.1 100,000
PG9MAA048100* 91.5 100,000
PG9MAA060080 92.1 80,000
PG9MAA060080* 91.5 80,000
PG9MAA060100 92.1 100,000
PG9MAA060100* 91.5 100,000
PG9MAA060120 92.1 120,000
PG9MAA060120* 91.5 120,000
PG9MAA060140 92.1 138,000
PG9MAA060140* 90 138,000
PG9MAB024040* 92.1 40,000
PG9MAB024040** 91 40,000
PG9MAB024040x 90 40,000
PG9MAB024060* 92.1 60,000
PG9MAB024060** 91 60,000
PG9MAB024060x 90 60,000
PG9MAB036040* 92.1 40,000
PG9MAB036040** 91 40,000
PG9MAB036040x 90 40,000
PG9MAB036060* 92.1 60,000
PG9MAB036060** 91 60,000
PG9MAB036060x 90 60,000
PG9MAB036080* 92.1 80,000
PG9MAB036080** 91 80,000
PG9MAB036080x 90 80,000
PG9MAB048060* 92.1 60,000
PG9MAB048060** 91 60,000
PG9MAB048060x 90 60,000
PG9MAB048080* 92.1 80,000
PG9MAB048080** 91 80,000
PG9MAB048080x 90 80,000
PG9MAB048100* 92.1 100,000
PG9MAB048100** 91 100,000
PG9MAB048100x 90 100,000
PG9MAB060080* 92.1 80,000
PG9MAB060080** 91 80,000
PG9MAB060080x 90 80,000
PG9MAB060100* 92.1 100,000
PG9MAB060100** 91 100,000
PG9MAB060100x 90 100,000
PG9MAB060120* 92.1 120,000
PG9MAB060120** 91 120,000
PG9MAB060120x 90 120,000
PG9MAB060140* 92.1 138,000
PG9MAB060140** 90 138,000
PG9MAB060140*** 92 138,000
PG9MTAV36050A*SS 92.1 50,000
PG9MTAV36075A*SS 92.1 75,000
PG9MTAV60100A*SS 92.1 100,000
PG9MTAV60125A*SS 92.1 125,000
PG9MXA036060* 92.5 60,000
PG9MXA036060** 91 60,000
PG9MXA036060*** 92.1 60,000
PG9MXA036080* 92.5 80,000
PG9MXA036080** 91 80,000
PG9MXA036080*** 92.1 80,000
PG9MXA048080* 92.5 80,000
PG9MXA048080** 91 80,000
PG9MXA048080*** 92.1 80,000
PG9MXA060100* 92.5 100,000
PG9MXA060100** 91 100,000
PG9MXA060100*** 92.1 100,000
PG9MXA060120* 92.5 120,000
PG9MXA060120** 91 120,000
PG9MXA060120*** 92.1 120,000
PG9YAB036060 95 60,000
PG9YAB036080* 94.4 80,000
PG9YAB036080** 95 80,000
PG9YAB048080 95 80,000
PG9YAB060100*** 95 98,000
PG9YAB060100**** 95 100,000

PG9 Warranty

Payne offers a 10-year limited parts warranty for all PG9 furnaces. The heat exchanger is warranteed for 20 years. The warranty can only be issued to the original homeowner and needs to be registered online within 90 days of installation. Failure to register the product in the allotted time frame automatically decreases the warranty term to five years.

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