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Olsen G95V Furnace Overview

The Olsen Airco G95V (also known as the UltraComfort 95V) is a two-stage gas furnace with a variable speed (ECM) blower motor. The G95V is Energy Star certified.

This furnace will operate on the high stage only on the coldest of days. For this reason, the furnace should be sized for the coldest weather of the year. The low stage will operate the rest of the time, providing better efficiency. The G95V provides 95% AFUE and at full load is 20% more efficient than a conventional motor. The ECM motor starts gradually and runs for longer periods, which reduces drastic changes in temperature. The G95V can also be installed in any of four configurations with little or no modifications.

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Olsen G95V Furnace Reviews

"Model G95V Two Stage Furnace"

3.0 rating

Always been a bit noisy, 4 winters old and bearing on 1/2 HP, ECM blower motor worn out. Locating a “qualified technician” or finding replacement parts are very difficult.

White Fox SK.

"Olsen Replaced Olsen"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I had an Olsen Airco g95v installed 4 years ago. It replaced a 1959 orginal (!!) Olsen furnace. No repairs, no maintenance in the 4 years on the new one. High efficiency furnace (95%), so it blows air that isn’t as hot as the old furnaces, but it still heats the place just fine and the gas bills drop a lot.

Vancouver, BC Canada


5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I installed my g95v 95% two stage in our home 2 years ago. Our winter heating gas bills were cut in half and the two speed variable speed motor kept our house consistantly warm all winter long. The first summer after the install was fairly cool so we did not use our central air conditioning much, however the summer of 2010 was just the opposite. The two stage ecm motor on the furnace help keep our home gently cool throughout the summer months. I would recoomend this furnace to freinds and family.

Ontario Canada

"Olsen G95V"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I had an Olsen g95v furnace installed in my house last winter. It is a very quiet running unit that was installed in a matter of hours. Olsen furnaces were recommended to me through a friend and I am happy with my decision.

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G95V Warranty

  • 5-year warranty on all parts
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger

This warranty applies only to single-family residential dwellings. When installed in a non-residential dwelling, the unit carries a 1-year parts and 10-year limited heat exchanger warranty.

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