NY Thermal Trinity Boilers

NY Thermal Trinity Boiler Overview

There is no actual NY Thermal (NTI) Trinity boiler series. Instead, there are several series of boilers with the Trinity name.

Trinity boilers feature stainless steel heat exchangers and are available in both wall-hung and floor-standing models. The series of Trinity boilers includes the Trinity Lx, available as a wall or floor mount unit with an efficiency of up to 94% AFUE; the Trinity Tx, available as a heat-only or combi unit with an efficiency rating of 94% AFUE; the Trinity Ti, available as a heat-only or combi unit with an efficiency rating of 93.5% AFUE; and the Trinity Fire Tube, also known as the Trinity Tft, with an efficiency rating of up to 95% AFUE.

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NY Thermal Trinity Boiler Reviews

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"Do not buy-NTI sucks"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We built a brand new home in 2004. We live in a very cold climate at 8000'. We installed 2 Trinity t150 boilers to provide heat and water. After about a year we began experiencing problems. We had them serviced on a regular basis. By 2010 the boilers were giving us constant issues and we had techs here countless times. After discussions with nti (New York Thermal) personnel and management (I wonder why they changed their name), nti agreed to replace all components of both boilers and we had them install early January 2011. The boilers have been service on a 12 month to 18 months basis since. Yet we still experience operational problems that require new components like Fenwal controllers (replaced 2017) multiple igniters on almost an annual basis. This brings us up to date. We have once again lost one of the boilers. The serviceman was here for 4 hours yesterday (the second time in 4 weeks), he replaced the igniter, to no avail. He installed a new Fenwal controller to no avail. He spoke with nti techs who told him that these boilers are no longer made nor serviced and needed to be replaced to the tune of $30k installed. His basis for this decision…..they have reached their life expectancy of between 10 & 15 years. Seriously? You build $10,000.00 products that have built-in obsolescence and only expect this pathetic life span? NYT or nti whatever you call yourself now should be ashamed of yourselves and your business model. You suck!

Paul H


"no parts available"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Needed maintenance parts 4 combi boiler and told by factory that parts are no longer available for this 12 year old piece of you know what. The factory said tell the customer to buy a new boiler. I'm sure glad we only sold a few of these pieces of junk.

david mitchell

Waupaca, WI

"So disappointed"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This boiler system has been nothing but problems since installing it 3 years ago. Most recently the low water cut off starting leaking water all over the unit. No low water cut off part available anywhere. It's been out for 3 days. Outside temp is 6. I installed the part and now electrical is messed up. Most plumbers have never heard of NTI. Customer service is closed on weekends. Warranty department was absolutely useless and rude.

s johnson

Minneapolis, MN

"NY Thermal boilers are not worth the time, money, nor effort; buy another brand."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I previously had another brand of boiler until it went out. I purchased my NY Thermal Trinity T150 in 2014 and I am completely dissatisfied. This boiler has been more frustrating then I could have ever thought. My technician Steve installed it in the month of May and it worked very well for a few weeks, but that would not last. It started malfunctioning and breaking down. Steve came twice and temporarily fixed it, basically putting band aids on bullet wounds. He said that it was using a lot more power than it should be and this was resulting in overheating and then it would shut off. This was a significant problem during the summer because of 80-90 degree weather. I have stuck with it and dealt with the problems that should not be a thing with this boiler, and I am in the process of replacing it because it is much more of a headache than the price of a new boiler. I will be buying a different brand because NY Thermal boilers have similar reviews to mine.

Louisville, Kentucky

"It's not if, but when, they will fail!"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

I have first-hand experience with 3 Trinity T150's, one of which I helped patch up to get through this winter night: -25 Celsius. This t150 was installed by a very experienced installer and has been a problem every winter since it was installed. The owner says he has paid, on average, just over 600 dollars a winter, every winter, for the last 9 years. He has had enough, and this will be the last winter he will put up with this one. The next unit is a T200 with the domestic hot water on-demand option. It wasn't too much trouble for the first few years but was recently replaced because it started to act up – not making domestic hot water, pressure switches failing, and the fan making loud noises. Lastly, my own T150 that I installed by myself, "by the book"! – – – even the long-time installer was impressed with how it turned out when he came to check my attempt at doing an install. It has been quite good and I was quite happy until recently, when I started having problems with the stupid mini pressure switches that NTI, for some unknown reason, chose for their boilers! Oh wait, I know why they chose them! They are hard to get and made for NTI so you can only get them from NTI when you need one, at a crazy inflated price! I was quoted over $130 for one of them! I found a universal replacement for under $30! Now my fan is starting to act up and I was quoted an even crazier price for that part! It's not enough that NTI sold and made a profit from the sale of a boiler; they want to continue making a killing on parts after the sale! I think buyers of the NTI product should be rewarded for buying their product, and aftercare and parts should be supplied at a reasonable price! Would I ever but a new NTI? Maybe, if an NTI rep offered a replacement at a wholesale or cost price! Who would have thought the life span of a boiler would be so short! It seems NTI would have you believe that you should be buying a new boiler every 10 years or less! P.S. – NTI, if you happen to see this post, here is your chance to make things right and offer me a replacement boiler at a discount, and let's see if the new products are any better. I don't expect one for free, just a good deal! Take my old one and study it; learn what you did wrong and maybe a better product will come out of the information you will learn!

matt paterson


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