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"Warranty policy"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have an installed tankless water heater which came with the house when I purchased it from the previous owner. The unit was purchased and installed by the previous owner. Today, the unit developed a leak (perhaps from the heat exchanger unit). I called in to Noritz and was informed that though the unit was covered under warranty, this was under the previous owner's name. I, as a new owner of this property cannot avail this warranty. How sensible is that? Considering the repair costs involved I will probably need to buy another unit. Will I buy a Noritz? I don't think so.

Shahid Yusuf

Mississauga, ON

"This is a great product"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have owned this for 6 months. It provides quiet and constant heat to my house. It has a variety of temperature settings and is very energy efficient. They are smaller and lighter in size because they are tankless and hydronic. There is not really anything about this product that I do like so far. Everything about it has been good. I would most definitely buy this product again. They have a good warranty as well if something were to go wrong. I completely trust this brand and am very happy with the product that I have bought. If anything were to go wrong, the warranty covers almost anything. I would recommend this product to my family and friends. It is so efficient and quiet compared to other brands I have had in the past. I would consider this a great buy for the price. They are a national brand and well known for their quality.

Raleigh, NC


2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

I bought a Noritz tankless gas water heater. Of course, it was expensive, compared to tanked heaters. Overall I have been very pleased; I never run out of hot water. That being said, I too have now received the dreaded "error 14." Given the cost of the heater and the online boasts of product, life longevity, etc., this should not happen inside of 18 months, or 3-4 years, for that matter. Otherwise, it is not cost effective to buy the product. Very disappointed!


Mooresville, IN

"Would not recommend!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I purchased a Noritz tankless water heater in 2009. It worked fine until this week, when I got an "error code 14" and no hot water. Called Noritz and learned it was a thermal fuse. A thermal fuse is a 10-inch wire that runs around the heat exchanger. This is an $8.00 part. The problem is that the heating unit has to be fully gutted (taken apart) to wrap the thrermal fuse wire around the back of the heat exchanger! Noritz emailed me 16 pages of instructions on how to disassemble the unit. Bad design flaw with the Nortiz. The access panels could have been designed on both side of the housing unit to allow the installation of the thermal fuse wire. I understand a fuse is meant to blow for several reasons. What I don't understand is why they make it so difficult to change the fuse. Noritz boasts about the units being cost efficient compared to a hot water tank. How is it cost efficient if I purchased the unit for $1,400.00, not including installation, and five years later an $8.00 fuse blows that cost over $300.00 to install? Now the unit is costing my over $1,700.00. That is double the cost, at half the life span, of a conventional hot water heater. If I knew then what I know now, I would have not purchased the Noritz tankless water heater.



"Scary System"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought house with existing Noritz Tankless Water heater. Unit was seven years old, and missing relief valves to de-scale the unit. Mfg recommends annual de-scaling (flushing a lime-removal wash through the boiler), but does not have valves necessary to perform task.) Hired plumber to install required valves; lt cost $300. Two days later, valve sensors behaved erratically, and hot water stopped. Mfg recommended replacing sensors. Then, gas boiler fired erratically and hot water surged, stopping only when we were half-way through a shower. Mfg's advice was to completely disassemble heater, and clean or replace every part. Plumbing estimate: $2500. The Noritz tankless is too electronically- sensitive to be maintained by a homeowner. I am replacing it with a 50 gal, gas-fired hot water heater.

D. Davis

St. Louis, MO

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