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"Air temp Nordyne brand equipment"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have been an HVAC contractor for close to 30 years I don't limit myself to the brand of systems we install. I have over the tears installed literally thousands of residential system Bryant, Carrier, Trane, American Standard, Goodman, basically all brands. For all those who have left negative reviews about Airtemp being the worst units ever. I have to disagree I have hundreds of the installed and running perfectly since the day I put them in my callbacks are minimal. And those of you who have paid 10k for an air handler or even most complete systems you were robbed blind. The dependability of a system depends on who installed it I don't care what system bra if not properly installed following the manufactures specs you will not have the issues as described. The equipment is all about the install. Is it a complete Ahriman rated matching system or did you put an Airtemp condenser on some older r 22 air handler. Is the duct design correct was the line sets changed or at least properly flushed and a filter line dryer installed. It's not the equipment manufacturer that's the problem it's the company you decided to have installed the system probably because they were the cheapest. Some manufacturers will only sell their equipment to reputable HVAC companies that require their technicians to be factory trained but they all use the me basic component and brands of components as all the other companies. Same compressors same boards and so on. Any licensed HVAC guy with an EPA license can walk into the distributor and purchased a basic AirTemp or most other brands such as Goodman that's the problem. Ten years all parts warranty you should not be charged for parts your HVAC guy is getting re-inverse when they return the faulty part in the full as long as you registered it accordingly to the manufacturer's guidelines . Last but not least you should be having your system serviced twice a year and that is also written in the manufacturer's warranty. So remember it's all about the install and the company you hired to do the installation and number to maintenance does not cost you money it pays! Oh yeah one more thing don't hire people off of craigslist what's the matter with you

Jim s

Eastern shore, MD


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have had this unit for 5 years and have yet to go one year with out having a service call we have replaced the blower motor now the coil needs replaced we have been waiting on nordine for over a mont now to send I'm ready to get a lawyer r8gd ppg3gd series

Kimberly Hicks

West Virginia

"Now the cooling system!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

A brand new, 4-ton unit was put in, in 2011, costing $6000 (Canada). This past winter, we had a new compressor put in when the heating unit failed, costing over $1,100, and now the cooling system has failed. We are advised to replace the whole unit. Disgusting.


Vernon, B.C.

"Pure junk do not buy."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I purchased a air temp 2 ton unit, right away it started freezing up not working, the contractor tried to say my filter was the problem but I change it every month, when he couldn't blame it on the filter he would use some other excuse, I have had it 2 and a half years and the contractor has been here multiple times. They push their warranty 1 year labor and 10 year parts which sounds good. But every time they come out after that year it will cost you anywhere from 300 to 600 dollars service call. The contractor just replaced the compressor 1 month ago and it froze up again. He came out said the compressor was bad again. So he charged me 400 dollars to replace the compressor that was under warranty now he wants another 400 dollars to replace the one he just replaced. He says it is not his fault the other compressor was bad. Please do your homework and read reviews and talk to reputable HVAC companies about air temp. And do not use a contractor that does all kinds of work. Only use a certified HVAC dealer. Another problem I had was the contractor did construction work too and the last time the compressor went out he said it would be 2 weeks before he could get to it because he was so busy and the temps on some of those days was in the 90'S. I can't express enough that fact do not use a contractor that does construction and HVAC work. I am having this piece of crap removed and replaced.

ron e fleeman


"Terrible noise"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The outside part makes so much noise my neighbors are complaining, it does not do this unless it is below 32 degrees. Had a blanket installed, did not help. Never ever will by another. As soon as I save enough money it is going to the scrap yard.

margaret brenneman


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