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"Heat exchanger failed third year"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Heat exchanger failed the third year and is under warranty labor is not a bad buy.

Doug Roberts

West Burlington, IO


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Installed this furnace. Will only ignite with top panel off or partially closed. Despite being 8000 btu larger than old tempstar, it does not heat as well. Will have to rip it out and get a functional, dd reliable brand. If shurail won't take it back, will just scrap it and call it an expensive lesson.

David Johnson


"Have had better!"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

I've had a few different brands of furnaces over the years, but this Nordyne is definitely not one of the better ones! Had the main motherboard replaced after just a little over the first year and every single year the flame sensor goes bad and must be replaced. I paid for service calls three times before finally finding out on the third visit the flame sensor was going to be a constant problem when winter rolls in. Cleaning it as the service guy recommended doesn't work for long. It's now five years old and I just ordered another two flames sensors to keep on hand. For those that are a little better at troubleshooting, the mainboard has a red and green light side by side that will have alternating flashes on both when the flame sensor won't let your furnace light and stay lit so it goes into "lockout mode". In some cases shutting off the power to the furnace momentarily and turning it back on will get your furnace to light, but it won't continue lighting regularly without either cleaning the tip of the flame sensor with a dollar bill or better to just put another flame sensor in. Flame sensors are typically about 20 bucks each and are very easy to change, but sadly your furnace shouldn't need anything other than a filter for at least ten years. Nordyne isn't that reliable!!! Quite honestly, I never had a problem with an American Standard Furnace but I couldn't get them from anyone in my area.

Richard V. Traylor



1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This furnace, plus 2 other ones were purchased in 2012. We have replaced the "board" on one. Had multiple visits for repair. Because it is used in a small country church, it is rated for commercial use. Because we use three units at various times (not) constant on any of them. Lower temperature most of the time. We would not recommend this furnace. They were not cheap and only lasted six years.


West Virginia


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I want to preface this that I never write reviews on products but I am exteremely disappointed/upset. When we purchased our new home we needed to add a back up heat source. Our primary heat is wood. We called a few local companies to get quotes. The company we decided to go with used Nordyne products and we decided to also do central air. I now deeply regret our decision. We installed the unit in April of 2015. We are now in January 2018 and they have had to replace the same part twice. The first time I was told it was a recall. This time I was told it was a recall on the recall. They also stated that Nordyne does not contact the businesses or customers that have the product that has a recall. After speaking to the business owner that installed the unit he said that they do not actually call them recalls in the heating/air conditioning industry. The 1st time it was within a year so it was replaced free of charge. This time, even though it was the same part I am responsible for the labor to replace the defective part ($180.00). I called Nordyne and their response was basically sorry if you didn't purchase the extra warranty you are out of luck. We spent $7,000 on this unit and have the expectation that it will work longer than a year –or three. We rarely use the heat–it is kept at 62 because it is for back up only or central air because we live in and area that constantly has a breeze so it is not necessary (and I am too cheap to pay for it unless it extremely hot/humid : – )). I am very dissatisfied and upset that the company does not stand behind their products when customers spend so much on them. Do not use any product from them. Be aware they have several names that they use.–nordyne/nortek/gibson are the ones I came into contact with while trying to get a resolution to my problem and who knows if there is more!!! I am stuck with mine and a loss of money but hopefully you will be able to make a more informed decision while choosing the unit that works for you. I'm hoping that the company will see this and make my situation right. We should have the expectations that these products will last and not be made to break this quickly. I wonder what type of units the workers and owners have in their homes!! They should be ashamed of themselves. There is no unit model information but here is the information on my warranty paperwork: Cased Coils:C7D140218111 Cased Coils Model #:c7bam03648c-c Res Furnace:KGG150111445 Res Furnace Model # :kgg7sa 108c-35c1 Split a/c:jsg140301494 Split a/c Model #:js4bd-036kb I will update if I get any feedback from the company.

S. Hawkins

South williamsport, PA

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