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"Tappan / Nordyne Stick and so does…"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

And so does their customer service. A 3 year old (5 ton 14 seer) unit has never cooled as well as the 10 seer it replaced. Last year we replaced the 'coil' ($900 labor) and this year the compressor ($800-$1500 labor). Poor customer service from Nordyne as well. When we call trying to find on parts they referred us to the same distributor who said that they had order the part and had no idea of the cost for shipping. Cost of shipping???? Hell I paid the cost of shipping when I bought the original unit. Shame on you Nordyne….


Grapevine Texas

"Buyer Beware"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This unit is not even 3 years old. Within 6 months of installation of NEW unit, the compressor went. 112 degree heat index and in FL. Thermo. was set at 75. 6 months after that, the compressor fan (on top of unit) went. IN the first 5 months of the second year, we had to replace dual capacitor (? what I was told) and now, just shy of 3 year of age, the squirrel cage ECM motor is shot. We live in north FL and within 100 miles, only 1 dealer will work on it. I called our installer at 9:00 am to be told he would be out between 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm. At 2:45, he called to let me know we were SOL, they won't fix them anymore under or out of warranty. So 19 companies and 19 phone calls later, we found someone to fix it under our 5 year all parts warranty. The installer has told us on each visit that this system, new, has been rebuilt completely. AWFUL. We are working with our home dealer to get a NEW replacement unit of a different brand. What WE PAID for in the first place. Not a lemon. Every A/C company I called said they no longer will work on these for the simple fact they had TOO MANY CALLBACKS for repair making them look like a bad repair company or installer. THAT is AWFUL!!!!

A Cartwright

Branford, FL

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