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New Yorker Brand Overview

New Yorker Manufacturer Overview

New Yorker Boiler Co. Inc. is a Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of steel and cast iron boilers designed specifically for the residential market. New Yorker is a subsidiary of Burnham Holdings, which is headquartered in Lancaster, PA. Burnham Holdings reported annual sales of $176.7 million in 2017.

Corporate History

New Yorker is a subsidiary of Bumham Holdings Inc., which has been in business more than 125 years. Burnham Holdings has multiple subsidiaries throughout the United States and employs approximately 800 people nationwide.

Product Lines

New Yorker touts its steel boilers’ AFUEs as high as 87.8 percent, and notes that its cast iron boilers are designed to be cost-effective and easy to maintain.

Steel boilers are available in one of three oil-fired options: FR Series, FR-HGS Series and AP-U Series. Cast iron boilers are available in both gas and oil options. Gas-fired units include the CG-D Water Series, CGS-C Steam Series and the PVCG-B Water Series. Oil-fired series are the CL Water and CL Steam Series and the CI-HGS 3-Pass Water Series.


New Yorker Boiler offers several warranties covering manufacturing defects. First is the 1-year warranty coverage on all boilers. Next, pressure vessels carry a 5-year warranty. Finally, heat exchangers carry a pro-rated limited lifetime warranty; for the first 10 years repairs will be made free of charge.

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