Natures Comfort NCB Wood Furnace Overview

The Nature's Comfort NCB Series is an outdoor wood boiler available in four models — the NCB-80, NCB-120, NCB-175 and NCB-250. The number of each model relates to water capacity — the NCB-80 has an 80-gallon water capacity, etc. The NCB has a heating capacity of up to 300,000 BTU, and can heat between 2,000 to 6,000 square feet. It features a 1/4-inch thick firebox, a 6-inch chimney and a built-in ash pan for easy cleaning. It has easy to operate controls with a pump, blower and aquastat, and the unit is designed to enable idling for summer use. 2015 prices for the NCB Series start at $3,480 for the NCB-80, with financing available.

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  • 60.87% of customers recommended

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Natures Comfort NCB Wood Furnace Reviews

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"Awesome product"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I purchased my Natures Comfort NCB-175 in 2009. I have great luck with the stove. It is easy to run and operate. One thing I really liked was the support I received from Natures Comfort directly. They told me the optimum way to operate their stove and they were spot on. 1,500 square foot home I keep at 74 degrees in the dead of winter, no problem, and I generally only have to fill or partial fill it 2 times a day. I keep my water temperature at about 130 for nights that don't get below 15 degrees up to 150 -160 degrees on the nights below 15 with a stiff wind. I use the differential setting that is on the aqua-stat and I never have to clean my chimney. I am thinking about supplement coal with my furnace to see if I can get my wood consumption down. The stove holds a fair amount of wood. So if you are considering a stove make sure you have time and access to wood. I don't like how it smokes back when you load the stove if the fire is not kicked up by the blower. It is a good idea to keep spare parts like blower, pump, solenoid, etc., in case something would fail. I also don't like having to replace the rope seal on the door every year. I have been given tips to prolong the life of the rope but I find if you can't be at home to monitor the stove it's a safer bet to just replace the rope seal every year. That way the stove stays at a safe temperature. I would buy another one and would recommend it to anyone that has a need. Keep in mind this is a science. You can't just turn on a switch and start a fire and walk away. Weather, temperature, house size, type of wood, and quality of wood all play a huge part on how your stove runs.


Central Illinois

"NCB-250 is easy to maintain"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Our dealer, Monte Loder, has proven to be an excellent representative of your company. His knowledge of your products has been very helpful, always timely and accurate. He makes every effort to keep us updated on all information provided to him by Nature's Comfort. He proficiently installed the system and thoroughly explained how to operate it to our satisfaction. Our NCB-250 is easy to maintain and efficiently heats our entire 1930's era frame (and somewhat leaky) house. The savings we have realized as a result of not purchasing propane has almost paid for the system.

John Chapin


"NCB-175 heats house and shop."

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

In 2013 we used propane to heat our home and electricity to heat our shop space. We spent about $1000 per month. Alternative Energy Solution installed our Nature's Comfort boiler for the 2014 season with one pump for the house and one for our shop space. We used some propane this year for days when we were not around, but we have saved thousands of dollars with our ncb-175. Rich at Alternative Energy Solution has been very quick to fix any issue we have had, and Nature's Comfort supplied us with a warranty pump cartridge when the shop one sheared. It has been a great experience and we have & would again recommend Nature's Comfort & Alternative Energy Solution to others.

D. Taylor

Holly, MI

"NCB-120 great boiler"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We have an NCB-120 to heat our 35'x 60' (with 20' ceilings) shop. We used propane prior and never kept the shace heated 24/7 due to cost. Winter of 2013, while the propane costs were so high, we worked in comfort with our NCB-120 heating the shop. With our boiler we can maintain a comfortable temperature in the shop all winter. I like that we only have to load it at maximum twice a day, and lots of times we run all day on what was left over from the night before. Rich at Alternative Energy Solutions sold and designed a forced air system with filters that heats our entire shop and we are very pleased with the results we get. Great boiler, we would and have recommend it to others and it would be the only brand I would buy in the future.

Brad Maxon

White Lake, MI

"Worthess warranty"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

The dealer I bought my stove from did a excellent job installing it and has helped me all he could with advice about the best way to use my stove. However, about two weeks after I got it the ash pan warped. When I called the dealer, he called the powers that be and was told it was my fault and they wouldn't replace it. This is bull. I just put wood in and ashes out. It makes me think or worry, what if something else goes wrong with the stove. I finally had to take a hammer to the pan to get it in and out of the stove. I would have to think long and hard about buying another one. And I would not recommend this stove to anyone else just because the warranty is worthless.



Other NCB Reviews

Most of the online reviews regarding the NCB are positive. There is review on from a homeowner who loves his NCB unit and wonders why he didn't install one years ago. There is another post on the same site from a homeowner asking for opinions of the NCB, and every response about the unit was positive.

NCB Warranty

The warranty for the Nature's Comfort NCB wood boiler is comprised of the following:

  • 20-year material and labor warranty on the fire drum (prorated after 5th year)
  • 10-year warranty on the water jacket (prorated after 5th year)
  • 1-year warranty on other components

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