Natures Comfort NCB Wood Furnace Overview

The Nature's Comfort NCB Series is an outdoor wood boiler available in four models — the NCB-80, NCB-120, NCB-175 and NCB-250. The number of each model relates to water capacity — the NCB-80 has an 80-gallon water capacity, etc. The NCB has a heating capacity of up to 300,000 BTU, and can heat between 2,000 to 6,000 square feet. It features a 1/4-inch thick firebox, a 6-inch chimney and a built-in ash pan for easy cleaning. It has easy to operate controls with a pump, blower and aquastat, and the unit is designed to enable idling for summer use. 2015 prices for the NCB Series start at $3,480 for the NCB-80, with financing available.

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Natures Comfort NCB Wood Furnace Reviews

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"Awful product"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Just like many of the other reviews, this is a terrible product. We brought this furnace because we are on electric heat and we thought we would save money. This furnace will cost you in the long run. What the company does not mention is the upkeep cost. For a technician to come out it is a minimum of $350 (not including parts). I have had it for three years now and it has never worked like the company said it would. It chews through wood, it will not go past 6 hours of heat. So it makes for cold nights when you have to go outside to load the furnace so the family does not freeze at night. Then, when you come back in you smell like you have been on a camping trip for a week straight without a shower. I would never recommend this company to anyone. It is a terrible product.




1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Unit started leaking from the bottom plate after 2 seasons. It uses too much wood. They do not honor their warranty–at least not yet. Still after them.

Mike Schurr


"Eroded on the inside"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We have owned three outside wood burners. The first two were Hardys and not a problem one with them. We only replaced one each time because we added a garage to be heated, then a pole barn and needed to upgrade to accommodate for what needed to be heated. A guy down the road from us had been in the business of selling outside wood burners/wood boilers for awhile. He no longer is now, not sure what happened there. But he came to us with 'this will be the last you a lifetime wood burner' with the Nature's Comfort and it was what we were needing for adding the pole barn on. Well the first 3 years things went well and then 2 days ago I went out and it was leaking out the front and no water pressure. So I cleaned it out and discovered it had worn through in the back. Now trust me with having wood burners before we know it needs to be cleaned to maintain it and only use spring water in it. Well we found out that the guy who sold us our wood boiler never sent the warranty in for us like we thought he was gone to do. Old saying proved true – if you want something done right, do it yourself. We also bought an outside solar water heater off of this company, I have had no complaints about that. Well we contacted Nature's Comfort and they could knock a few thousand off a new one. Oh gee thanks. Well thanks to Buckingham's Bucky's Machine Shop in McCutchenville Ohio he was able to prefab us out some metal to put inside and with a lot of help from a few friends we were able to weld a new inside to the wood boiler, better than when we bought it new. Now here is a tip for Nature's Comfort, why don't you try also welding on the inside? I think for $7,000 something for a new one you could afford to do that. I'm just writing this review because I am being very honest when I say we cleaned it, used only spring water, have a lean-to built around it to protect it and it has been maintained. The fact that they know we purchased it and the guy who sold us the wood boiler no longer works for them because I don't think they liked him representing them, I think they should have stood behind their product. So I hope you all send your warranty stuff because it went bad on us after only 3 years, and this was suppose to be the wood burner to last us. And I will repeat never had a problem with our Hardys. Not feeling much comfort right now.

L Danner


"Do not buy"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I bought my NCB-175 in 2007 and have had nothing but problems. The first time it was fired up it popped a breaker. The wiring for the light was run too close to the stack from the factory, which also shorted out the pump. I was told they had some problems with this and was sent a new harness for me to install, nothing on the pump. I also went through 4 floats the first year and 2 design changes, I use a piece of wood to stick it now. After 3 years the exhaust stack was burnt off 3/4 of the way up. I was told this was a design flaw but Dave would not pay to have it transported back because he didn't feel it affected the performance that much, but they changed the stack on the new models that year. My dealer even agreed with me. He is no longer a dealer either. Dave also sized my boiler for me, which his guess was wrong. I have a 2600 square foot house with a propane boiler. I need to fill the ncb 3 times per day and about a cord of wood a week December-February. When the inside boiler calls for heat it drops my water temp 35' in my ncb. It doesn't have enough water storage. I had to add an insulated water storage tank in my basement to help. Every year I replace the seals, I'm on my 3rd pump, and fourth blower motor. I made a new ash drawer 5 years ago because the one that came with it warped so bad, and I had to repair the grates because they burnt off too. Dave only cares about selling these. As far as I'm concerned there is no warranty. I would not buy another ncb. Central Boiler or Woodmaster for me.

Joel Sheffer

Gibsonburg, OH

"Good stove"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

This is a heavy built stove. Bought new in 2007 and heated every winter since then with it. Don't like the wood door closing mechanism and the rope seal won't last more than a couple years. The ash pan door needs some type of device to lock it shut. Burn good dry wood, oak and hickory. Load it twice per day about every 12 hours. Use good dry wood and keep your temperature up near 185 degrees, that way you'll still get good heat in the house even when the wood burns out and water in the stove is cooling down. I burn less wood than my friend does with his Hardy brand stove. Probably wouldn't buy this brand again, I'd buy a Central Boiler.

Matt Bonasori

West Virginia

Other NCB Reviews

Most of the online reviews regarding the NCB are positive. There is review on from a homeowner who loves his NCB unit and wonders why he didn't install one years ago. There is another post on the same site from a homeowner asking for opinions of the NCB, and every response about the unit was positive.

NCB Warranty

The warranty for the Nature's Comfort NCB wood boiler is comprised of the following:

  • 20-year material and labor warranty on the fire drum (prorated after 5th year)
  • 10-year warranty on the water jacket (prorated after 5th year)
  • 1-year warranty on other components

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