Natures Comfort NCB Coal Furnace Overview

The Nature’s Comfort NCB coal furnace is available in three models — the NCB-120-COAL, NCB-175-COAL, and NCB-250-COAL. The NCB-120-COAL has a heat output of up to 3,000 square feet, with a heating capacity of 160,000 BTU and a water capacity of 120 gallons; the NCB-175-COAL has a heat output of up to 4,000 square feet, with a heating capacity of 220,000 BTU and a water capacity of 175 gallons; and the NCB-250-COAL has a heat output of 6,000 square feet, with a heating capacity of 300,000 BTU and a water capacity of 250 gallons. All units use nut-size or larger coal and include an easy cleaning shaker grate and ash pan, temperature gauge, solar LED motion light, and fully installed controls with pump, blower and aquastat.

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Natures Comfort NCB Coal Furnace Reviews

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"Don't let Chris Smoker install it!!"

3.0 rating

Function of the stove is adequate….the ash pan is cut 9" short on purpose to cut down on weight. So you need to make a custom scoop to get back in there and get lots of ash out, which inhibits air flow cause the blower is right there….that's dumb…the oem pumps are sub-standard, even the paperwork that comes with the stove suggests the quality is poor and you should consider upgrading…whaaaaa? Installation of the stove was deplorable, not even rate-able. The Amish-man Chris Smoker that installed it is a pig. He actually spits in your house, on your walls and floor while working. His work was so poor, the stove failed immediately. The factory sent more pumps but I had to install them. Stove kept failing til it was discovered by an outside firm the installation was done wrong. The whole system was wrecked out and rebuilt. Since then, the stove works, quirky with lots of regulation and water blow-out but it works…..I Think lots of tweaking could be done and they need to drop that sob Chris Smoker from installing their products….


New Cumberland, PA

"NCB-120. Chris Smoker will rip you off…."

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

I have nothing to compare it to as its my 1st coal boiler….it heats my house and my water. The installation was done by Chris Smoker in Newburg, PA and he is a liar, thief and does poor work. The system had to be wrecked out two weeks after he installed it and he is completely inept at his work. He and his crew were caught spitting on my walls and the floor in my brand new house. The system failed in two weeks and another dealer had to come in and tear it all out and re-install it properly. If you choose to deal with this sob, don't say you weren't warned.

jim robinson

New Cumberland, PA

"Best to buy"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I live in Morgan County, Tennessee. I had a Wood Master for 6 years, it was a good product, no problems. I bought an NCB 250 coal furnace, this is my third year, no problems. You just have to play with the draft to get the right air flow. Coal burns different than wood. I have sold one more for the company this year, these are the best on the market and the customer service is great too.

j ridenour

Morgan County, TN

"Great furnace"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Bought a Nature's Comfort ncb175 coal furnace in 2014. It was a year old when I got it, it was traded to a dealer for a larger one. It heats my 1890 farmhouse with ease and doesn't use an excessive amount of fuel, neither wood nor coal.

D Snyder

Rockwood PA

"NCB-250 coal unit"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have had my ncb-250 coal unit from Natures Comfort for one winter now to heat my 1580 square foot house and my 2000 square foot shop. I was nothing but very pleased with the amount of heat the unit provided. I keep the house at 70 and the shop at about 62 when I'm working and 50 when I'm not in the shop. I mix stocker coal and wood in my unit, and boy it cut my wood use to about 6 to 7 cord for the winter. I also love the way the shacker grate makes it so easy to shack the coal grits or wood ashes into the ash pan. I'm glad I purchased the coal unit because of the shacker grate over the wood unit.

R Baetz


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