MAYTAG Furnace Reviews

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"Maytag nightmare"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

9 years of breakdowns and no parts readily available. Pressure switches upper and lower, sensor troubles. Now the service company will not honor the warranty! Maytag said that they do not have a service company on their list within 100 km of my residence.

R. Evans

Calgary, AB

"Maytag gas unit"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We bought a new Maytag gas package over two years ago and it has worked great. It's quiet and reliable, and saves us money in summer and winter. I highly recommend and would buy it again.



"No warranty in Canada"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Installed in 2006. 3 years after installing, I was told that Maytag is not honoring warranties in Canada; the best solution is to spend another $5000 and replace it with another brand. I am now sitting in -13 C with a broken furnace. Parts were very hard to come by, but are now available to the suckers who bought a Maytag in Canada, but you have to wait a few days to get the parts. My furnace has been out for 4 days now and won't be fixed until tomorrow – hopefully. Of course I am on the hook for the full cost of repair – the main circuit board and flame sensor. Can't wait for the bill. Maytag representatives in Canada are disreputable and I will never buy another Maytag product – ever.

F. Provost

Calgary, Alberta


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Installed in 2011, 2 yrs later it won't turn on, or turns on if it wants to. Wish i'd never replaced my old one, at least it would turn on. Sounds like a mack truck running through my house. Cost me $135 for warranty labor and it still had the same problems 2 days after I had it fixed.


Louisville, KY

"Maytag furnace"

3.0 rating

We have had the furnace for about 5 years now. It has had some problems, but if you are willing to open it up and look inside they are very easy to fix. First problem is that about twice a year the thermocouple carbons off and is unable to sense properly. If you open the door and look at the top horizontal section just a bit to the right of centre you will see the thermcouple pointing up with one screw to the right of it holding it in. With the main furnace switch turned off, just remove the one screw pull the thermocouple out and sand the thermocouple until the carbon is removed. Then re-install the thermocouple. If you try to do this live, and re-install there is a little red light on the circuit board that will keep blinking until you turn it off to restart the shutdown switch. Problem two is the water pump which has little to do with the furnace and is a common high efficiency furnace problem. It tends to fail every few years, so I just have one sitting around just in case. All things mechanical or electronic break down sooner or later, with most things designed to go sooner these days, just have to learn to help yourself a bit more or pay more as product qualities degrade.



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