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"Induction Motor"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

5 years ago the motherboard started acting up, but the service contract I had wouldn't replace it, thought it was something else. Finally exactly a year ago they replaced it and I had no trouble for a year, then all of a sudden it stopped working. They replaced the motherboard again, still nothing, might be the induction motor but because everything in this unit runs through the motherboard, they can't tell because it won't start up. The motherboard has juice/electricity to it, and all the lights are functioning correctly, may be a lose wire, but there are 30 wires and no indicators to tell which part is affected. It was expensive. I need help or we will freeze to death. Service contractor can't find vendor with induction motor and we've been without heat for two weeks now. It'll be 6 degrees tomorrow night.

Diana Wisniewski

Highland Lakes, NJ

"Maytag MGC2TC100D35C"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I'm writing this while some smoke still remains in my home after the Fire Department spent 30 minutes blowing out as much as they could. My 5 year old Maytag has had serious problems almost from installation. The furnace failed the first time within 4 months of installation. The house was barely above freezing when our son stopped by to check on the home. He brought in 4 electric heaters to keep the home from freezing until the American Heating & Cooling of McHenry, il could fix it. They stated the thermostat wasn't compatible with the new furnace and installed a temp. Almost exactly a year after installation, the cooling unit malfunctioned and American installed a new Honeywell Vison Pro thermostat for $245. The blower motor failed in year 3 and was replaced after several days at no charge. The heat exchanger burned through in year 4 and American disassembled the furnace and left us with no heat for 3 weeks in late October 2016. When I complained about them not returning, they said I was rude and wouldn't return to fix the disassembled furnace they had sold me 4 years earlier. I called the distributor and got the heat exchanger replaced under warranty. I was charged $475. for labor and shipping of the part. They furnace failed to work again about 2 weeks ago in early October. A "high pressure sensor" needed replacing for $145. This morning I was awakened by our alarm and fire detection system. The home was filled with grey smoke coming through the heat registers. There were no visible burn marks on the outside of the furnace, but it was hot to the touch. I am replacing this system with something more reliable asap and will attempt to sue Maytag the Distributor for my troubles. I would hope anyone thinking of installing a similar system to due extensive research before installation.

Jerry Rossi

Fox Lake, IL

"Furnace problems-starts, then shuts down after 20-30 seconds"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This unit is 8 years old and in the past year, I have had service personnel try to resolve the problem of the unit starting, then shutting down after 20-30 seconds. Yesterday, 11-6-17, it did this 12 times in a row. The service personnel have replaced the 2 pressure switches 2 times. Just today they replaced 1 a third time. Waiting to see if that solves the problem. In addition, the furnace circuit board has been replaced, the flame sensor, the igniter, and the thermostat. The unit works with a Maytag heat pump. Just yesterday, the heat pump was wired around on its' circuit board so that it is not connected to the furnace in anyway. This did not help. I am sure hoping that today's pressure switch replacement is finally the solution.

W. Olmer

Nebraska City, NE

"Horrible product"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought this furnace in 2009 The furnace I had prior to this was a Trane and I had no issues with it. I could kick myself for not getting another Trane installed. This has been the most expensive and worst purchase I have ever made. I have had at least a dozen service calls, which I get charged for each time, but they never seem able to find the problem or give me a good answer. The day they came to install the blower straight from the factory, it was defective. Now I'm being told that it could possibly be the coil because it's leaking antifreeze and they're finding oil in the unit outside. My contract says that I have a 12-year warranty on parts so I'm about to find out if they're going to honor this or not. I will never ever recommend Maytag to anyone. It quit working again today and we are starting to get into the hottest month of the year. For the last 7 years I have had to deal with not having air or having heat in the winter and never knowing when this is going to occur.


Walton, KY

"Junk furnace"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchased in November 2011. 23 service calls failed to detect a crack in the heat exchanger. Water pipes broke, 59800 gallons of water in crawlspace. They refused to accept responsibility for damage. Replaced the furnace, it has failed as of Jan 4. 2016. Ordered an Amana!

b. bender

Sharpsburg, IA

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