Luxaire Heat Pump Reviews

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"13 seer heat pump that HAS BEEN JUNK FOR 4 YEARS!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I've owned a Climasure EBD Series Luxaire 3.5 ton heat pump and air handler for four years. I have replaced the heating banks 4 times the boards 4 times I have put a fuse in the circuit board myself about twenty times. It keeps shorting out! I had to replace the outside coil on the outside unit it started leaking. Warranty covered that but labor and the freon cost me over 600 bucks. I have been out 2000.00 dollars since I bought this junk. Luxaire will not answer your calls so do not waste your time calling them. They are a joke. I cannot beleive they are still in buisness! I had a Goodman it lasted 8 years this one did not work the night we put it in. I'm serious. It had a bad heat bank from the factory!It was -6 degrees and we had no heat we put in a new furnace and it don't work. I should have known then to take it out. Whatever you do do not buy a york! Do not buy a luxaire they are junk and they do not back up their equipment!i am now contacting bbb and I hope for the next persons sake that they straighten up

James Compton

mt sterling Ky 40353

"Bad Luck"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Installed this unit in 2000 in a brand new house and 12 years later I have replaced two evaporator coils, numerous circuit boards, and sensors of all types. 2 thermostats and now another evaporator coil leak. I'm throwing in the towel.

Mitch Peden

Philadelphia, MS

"Old Luxiare lasted 32 yrs"

3.0 rating

Oldest heat pump many of the service men I have called have ever seen. No Luxiare dealers within 100 miles of me now, according to website. It's a split unit heat pump. The coil developed a leak and is finally beyond repair. Nothing wrong with outside unit. Obviously they are not made like they used to be. This one ran 30 yrs with no probs and no servicing at all. 2 more years on the leaking coil with charging. Wish we could still buy quality, but those days are over. Greed wins out.

A. Broom

Middle, Alabama

"Avoid at ALL COSTS"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Less than 4 years old: multiple service calls and labor charges alone approaching $1000. Entire unit is a lemon and needs to be replaced, this after labor charges to repair – parts still under warranty but would rather have paid those charges towards a new unit other than Luxaire!!!!!



"Luxaire = JUNK"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Less than four years after moving into our newly build home the problems started and have continued yearly. We have two heat pumps and have had to replace both condenser coils. The first compressor went out about two years ago and now this week the second one needs replaced. I called the company to complain – they don't care – not in warranty so there is nothing they can do. They see no problem with this level of ongoing breakdown. I will never buy another Luxaire product.

Ron D.


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