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1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We have had our Luxaire heater for 5 years now and it has been nothing but problems since day 1. Because it was installed by a friend, who by the way is a qualified hvac technician, I never called Luxaire about our problems. For 5 years, he has been trying to find out what is wrong with it and why it just shuts off after it reaches temperature. We have the same seemingly re-occurring problem that I hear other consumers speak of. Afraid to leave house when it's cold, waking up to a cold house, and having to turn the heater off and back on just to have heat throughout the day!! Well, I finally called Luxaire and found a very unhelpful, defensive, service manager who recommended I hire another technician. And when it fails again…then what?? No answer!


Phila., Pa

""Out of sight""

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have actively represented Luxaire products in the Michigan market for 45 years as a wholesale distributor. The products that are available today, by all manufactures, are sophisticated and complex. All complex machines require scheduled maintenance to perform at peak efficiency. Scheduled maintenance, service contracts and extended warranty protection are options that are available through the installing Dealer Contractor. I have learned that 'anything made by man can and will fail'. Your hvac System is an important component of your home. Just because it is out of sight does not mean that it does not requires the same attention you give to your other household appliances. Your clothes washer, dryer, stove, refrigerator and all of the rest of your every day appliances are in plain sight when they are in use. You have the ability to detect premature deficiencies every time you use them. Your furnace and air conditioner only draw your attention when 'The Da** Thing Doesn't Work'. The bottom line is spelled out in the old saying, 'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'.

Jim Beltz


"RE: Terrie in El Paso"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Hi Terrie, We had a Luxaire heat pump installed in 2009 and have had nothing but problems with it since. A great deal of them were with the inadequacies of the dealer we chose (whom we found on Luxaire's website), however, my experience with Luxaire's rep for the state of Michigan was just as disappointing. Initial conversations sounded promising in resolving the problem, but when they found out what the problem was it became our burden to bear with a different dealer and additional costs. I had a defective reversing valve which caused our refrigerant to leak. Luxaire covered the replacement of the valve but not that of the refrigerant(the most expensive part of it), not to mention the labor of a different dealer. It sounds like the issues with our units are a little different but the headaches are the same. Currently, I'm in the middle of lawyer consultations but will most likely end up addressing our problem in small claims(both with the dealer and Luxaire separately). A company that doesn't represent it's product is cowardly and I would love to hold Luxaire responsible for their end of it so let me know if I can help. Thanks for the post.

Brandon DuLong

Brighton, MI

"Luxaire/ York/ Johnson controls"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I bought a Luxaire hvac/ Furnace system in 2006. Worst mistake I ever made. This has nothing to do with installation. The unit was ok until 2011. I found out then how bad the problem really was. This unit is a 2 speed system with computer control boards on both the hvac and Furnace units. When we lost the compressor last september I couldn't find a "luxaire dealer" who wanted to touch the darn thing. Then I found out that several of the dealers in the state of tx that put these things in either were forced out of business or changed brands because of the lack of back up from York/ Johnson Controls who manufactures this unit. Well I found out that York discontinued the board that goes to this unit so you have to have it reengineered in the field. What a joke. Since the reengineering project I have had 3 compressors burn out on it. I have had 2 "luxeair" approved techs look at it and one non- luxaire look at it. After research on the web I found out that York/Johnson controls were aware they had a problem with this unit years ago but they never bothered to notify, technicians, dealers, wholesalers, or customers. They are the biggest thieves in the industry in my opinion. They have cost their approved "dealers" money, their businesses and their customers hundreds and thousands of dollars since the manufacter of the plus system. I need to know of anyone out there who has dealt with or purchased this "Plus System" as I am trying to start a class action lawsuit against this company for the neglegent way they have handled this situation. Please put your comments here and let me know who you are.

Terrie Adock

El Paso, TX


5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Coming from a person that's been in the wholesale heating and air conditioning business for nine years, I can tell you Luxaire is a quality unit, if installed correctly. Just like every other piece of equipment out there. I've sold Janitrol/Goodman, Gibson/Frigidaire(made by Nordyne, who also makes: Tappan, Philco, Kelvinator, Maytag, Nutone, Grandair, etc), Tempstar(made by icp, who makes:(Carrier, Bryant, Heil, Arcoaire) and Luxaire(made by upg, who makes: York, Coleman and Fraser Jonston). I've also been the one doing warranty for all of these units. I can honestly say that Luxaire is a good unit. Take a years worth of equipment sales between Luxaire/Guardian, Gibson/Frigidaire and Goodman, and I've done considerably less warranty for Luxaire. Parts fail. It happens with all brands. With Nordyne units, boards and hot surface ignitors are the most common problems. Nordyne just impletmented a new warranty policy in regards to their boards that's going to be a major stressor to their distributors and dealers. As far as Goodman goes, they've come a long way since they bought Amana out. They still have a problem with their coils leaking though(Nordyne as well). There is a reason why Luxaire/York is a spec'd line in commercial/industrial new construction and Goodman and Nordyne is not. This is just my humble opinion. Don't let anyone tell you Luxaire is a second tier brand. I wouldn't hesitate to put a Luxaire unit in my house should my current system fail.



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