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5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I'm a HVAC contractor/installer with 22 solid years of exp., I can tell you the new generation furnace and air conditioner are outstanding! I install other brands as well. Johnson Controls, who own York/Luxaire has put the automotive industry technology into their hvac equipment and it shows. proper installation is key for any furnace or air. I can go on and on about the big problems with some of the "biggest name brand" furnaces.Luxaire has more high eff. brands than any other brand. I find a dirty furnace filter causes problesm homeowners tend to blame on the furnace sometimes. Luxiare has been around since about 1940.



1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This is the worst furnace we have ever had. It has broken down every year since it was installed. It is extremely noisy. The only reason we haven't replaced it is because we have had other priorities.


"Luxaire 95.5"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Good value for the money, quiet, installed quickly and properly has been good unit. It is quiet and my bills have been reduced from and old 50% unit by at least 50% in a cold climate. Would recommend this unit for purchase. no problems. Also two other people had this unit for at least a year or two before me and like it as well. Get a good installer, it is key!

R. K.

Detroit, Michigan

"Efficiency is Marketing Hype; Loud/Poor"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Furnace was hyped up to me based on AFUE rating; combustion gas analyzer shows it actual performs worse than my old furnace which was 92% rated. Unit is louder and cabinet feels flimsy. Had to have a service all already and technician indicated units are a "service nightmare" because components are crammed into such a small cabinet. Also found out that Luxaire is essentially a generic York unit. From talking to those in industry York has been regarding as strong with commercial products but residential line is junk. In short, don't believe the modulating hype…I Never bought a brand new car model in the first year of production and I should have stuck to the same rule when it came to furnaces!

Broderik Sullivan

Buffalo, New York

"Luxaire – g8v08012uha11c"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This furnace has not run straight through 1 winter yet. The furnace shuts off and we have to remove the cover to reset. It may run for another 1/2 hour maybe even a couple of days(if we are lucky), then we need to restart it again. Average temp in my house has been 65-67 degrees this cold winter. This may be a problem with installation since I cannot get the installing company to come and review this problem. My old furnace was very old, however I had to start the pilot light once in the 9 years I owned my house.

C. LeBlanc

New Hamburg, ON Canada

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