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"Terrible experience"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

A/C broke in the middle of a heatwave, I called Luxaire who referred me to abco (Don Gienanc) I guess their contractor, who was extremely rude to me and told me I should not come in the middle of the technician I used and his company (mind you I am the customer). He rudely told me to have my technician call him. Now the technician checked the unit and determined that there is a problem with the condenser or the coil. The coil is in the heart of the condenser and he would have to spend the whole day dismantling the unit to get to the coil (which is the only part abco was going to give me for free (and this is under warranty). The whole process would cost as much as buying at my own expense, a new unit. My question is, then why do I have a warrant if these people are not willing to meet their obligations. They are very friendly when selling their products but then when something wrong happens, they don't want to meet their obligations and act rogue. Something is going to give. I am not done with you Luxaire and abco, you need to act professional and I am soooo sharing the word for anyone who wishes to listen, stay away from these companies!!!!!!




1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

It came time to replace my central ac unit which had served me about 14 years. I needed to buy a car but knew that I had to put that off to cover this major expense. It was nearly a year before I was able to get into another car. I spent about nine months riding The bus to and from work, but the ac was far more important. I have a family and obviously couldn't go without an ac in Houston Tx. The contractor we hired sold us on a Luxaire for $4500 installed. There were problems right from the start. It wasn't cooling properly (at all). We called him back out at least 5 times, and finally he said we would need to replace the compressor. I was very uncomfortable with this already. It's like buying a car and being told you need a new engine on day two. Anyway, it was obviously under warranty, so we allowed him to change the compressor. It worked, but maybe not quite as good as my old unit, which didn't make much sense. Still, we were happy to have cool air in the house again. My electric bill did not go down as I was told it should, it didn't cool as well as my old unit, and it was LOUD. Here I am, one year (to the month) later, and it's not working. We had a HVAC guy out, and he says the compressor is bad. He is suggesting we buy a new unit altogether because the Luxaire is complete trash. The compressor is under warranty, but after labor and whatever, it's still going to cost about a grand and then it will go out again. Luxaire needs to be shut down for these practices. Reading these reviews let me know that my case is not unique.

P. Skains


"Frustrated Installer"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I am an HVAC contractor. I've been in this business for almost 20 years. I have installed thousand of units. The problem I have with other brands are mostly minor due to defective parts. For the most part, it's an easy repair. I just recently installed three Luxaire AC gas furnace systems. Its only been three months and I have been back to my customer's house almost every week for repairs. It's embarrassing and very frustrating. I've been thinking days and night what will cause these problems. Even question myself if I install it wrong. Just like these thousand units I installed before, I followed instructions as manufacture required. All I can say is out of the nine units I installed for nine different customers within two months, only the Luxaire systems are giving me problems and numerous calls to return to customers' houses. The other brands, I have zero calls back. Luxaire is junk. It's embarrassing to even be a part of it. I've taken a loss and I'm super frustrated.


"One year and then trouble"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

My 3.5 ton 80% Luxaire gas pack was trouble free for the first heating and cooling season and then the second summer the air conditioning went out. Circulating fan motor burned out. Then when heating season arrived, no heat. The tech cleaned a pressure switch and it ran for a few days then no heat again. This time they had to replace the gas valve and an electronic module. Parts were covered under warranty but I've paid for 3 service calls on a 2 year old unit. This unit has had as many service calls as the 15 year old unit it replaced had during its life. With this many problems I've had to take out an annual service policy on the unit to the tune of $200/yr, whether I need it or not.

Xavier Cash


"Got a new AC and Heating unit installed in 2013. Had to have Three coil replacements done and five visits to fix this unit."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Had to have the installer come at least five times to fix my outside unit (Luxaire) the coil broke that often. I hired a new company to replace a coil just today at a cost of $1166.50. The parts were under warranty so I didn't have to pay for them but the labor costs are adding up to more than what I paid for the unit to be installed in 2013.

Sheila A Howard

Fort Worth, TX

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