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"Lemon -Don't Buy!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We've owned this unit for less than 2 years, have been left without heat on the coldest of days. Fearing all of our brand new plumbing was going to freeze. No hot water on a regular, and keeps getting a *lockout* error. No technician is supposed to work on it other than the person who installed it without ruining the warranty, but he can't figure out what is wrong with it. We've had it leak onto the electrics within the first few months. Replaced the gasket and the board. We have a brand new water tank and filter and the rep. Tried blaming it on the quality of our water. We've had a new igniter and currently, there is a gas valve on order because it won't stay running for more than a half hour. We've had the Noble rep. Out to our house 3 times and on average I would say we've had to re-set this boiler twice a month at the very least the entire time we've had it. Our last house had a boiler that was over 30 years old and got serviced once a year with no issues. It is very frustrating to invest in what is sold to you as the 'better product' to have the hassles that we've had this entire time.

Tiffany Guyett

New Hampshire

"NKC-199 Lemon"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We had an nkc-199n installed in October just over 4 months ago. In January we had two parts replaced (we had no heat on one of the coldest days of winter). Then we had the boiler company come out for the flow sensor (we had no heat over the weekend), they had a rash of those fail all over town. After trying 4 different ones now they are going to try replacing the connection board. So in order to have hot water, I have to put a ring manually over a brass rod and then remove it to have heat for this two-week period, since the connection board is unavailable since last week and won't be available until next week at the earliest. When they come out to replace that, it will be the fifth service call we have had, and who knows if that will fix the problem. This could be a disaster if a critical heating component fails and there are no parts availability (and based on our experience already), I'm concerned about the next few years with this boiler.

Mark N

Denver, CO

"FTXL fire tube heat exchanger"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We have installed 14 of these Lochinvar FTXL boilers in the past 2 years, with 10 heat exchanger failures – an over 80% failure rate. There seems to be a serious design problem with this boiler's heat exchanger.

B Kapteyn


"No problems yet"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I had a high efficiency Knight KBN400 installed to replace a conventional cast iron boiler that had started to leak after 15 years in service. The unit has only been in operation for two years, but it has worked great so far and my heating bills are much lower than they used to be. My only issue is that the installers recommended a model that is much too large. To prevent excessive short cycles, I programmed the unit using the LCD display to run for at least ten minutes at 10% of capacity before ramping up. With that set-up, the unit very rarely runs more than 10% capacity.

T. Ross


"Stay away"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Faults and failures. The technician said he had 6 calls of the same model ahead of me tonight. Stay away from this company.



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