LOCHINVAR Knight Wall Mount Boilers

Lochinvar Knight Wall Mount Boiler Overview

The Lochinvar Knight Wall Mount Boiler is a high efficiency, stainless steel condensing boiler. It uses a stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger and a water-backed combustion chamber for increased efficiency. Five different venting options are available, allowing direct vent flexibility up to 100 feet. The seven models of the Knight Wall Mount range in heating capacity from 55,000 to 399,999 BTU/hr. The Smart System operating control features a multi-color graphic LCD display and a built-in cascading sequencer. The Knight Wall Mount has an efficiency rating of 95% AFUE and was named an Energy Star Most Efficient 2014 product.

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Lochinvar Knight Wall Mount Boiler Reviews

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"Installing 2 Knight Wall Mount boilers"

3.0 rating

Hello, I hired a plumber to replace my 20-year-old heat boiler. He purchased 2 Knight Wall Mount boilers and 2 water tanks and installed them right now. I saw the unit, it is so complicated; a lot of electronic parts. Is it a good or bad decision? I would like something that is simple and low maintenance. Thanks, Huy Nguyen

Huy Nguyen


"Lochinvar Knight Boiler a NIGHTMARE"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

In May 2011 we bought a Lochinvar Knight Wall Mount Boiler model WHN 110 to replace 1 of our 3 natural gas hot water boilers. A little history will help you understand why we are so angry. For years we've had so many problems with 2 of our 3 boilers: a Weil McLain Gold gv-3 semi-condensing boiler installed in 1995 and a Burnham pxg2005awni installed in 1992. Our other Burnham boiler Series 2 p-206pv also installed in 1992 is still running well (in March 2014) & has had only 2-3 repairs in 22yrs. About 5 years after installing the Burnham boilers we kept smelling antifreeze in the room where one boiler was located inside a closet. The boiler also kept losing water & would autofill thus diluting the glycol. The heating company could never figure it out so we changed companies 4 times. We spent thousands of dollars on various fixes which never fixed the problem. The last fix was $5,000 to fix a pipe under the brick hall floor which was supposedly leaking. It was difficult to reroute these pipes because this part of the house is on a slab & we should have just ripped up the brick floor, it would've been a whole lot cheaper. A year later the boiler needed replacing & when they removed it they found it had been leaking underneath for a very long time and was the source of the antifreeze smell. When the heating company proposed a Lochinvar Knight Boiler with 95% effeciency, I researched it online and found horrible reviews. People said their houses were cold, couldn't get them to warm up to a normal temp & they had constant service calls from the boiler shutting down with a Lockout code requiring a service call. He assured me these problems were only because of improper installation & it was a very good brand. I even asked him if they received any kind of incentives or kickbacks for selling Lochinvar boilers & he said no. I told him we really just wanted a trouble free old fashioned less effecient basic boiler, not high efficiency, because we were sick of all the repairs. He said those boilers weren't made anymore, but there were simpler ones that were only 82% effecienct. Against my wishes, my husband went with their recommendation of the Lochinvar Knight Boiler…….. And all the reviewers were right! We've had nothing but problems from the beginning with countless service calls to adjust it & figure out why it's shutting down & why it won't heat our house after spending $10,400.00 for this system. Luckily they haven't charged us for service calls because it's never worked correctly from the beginning. But the hassle of dealing with it is awful. We have paid them to vacuum the fin tubing in our bedroom to see if that would help it get warm, of course we didn't have a problem with the old boiler heating up our bedroom nice & toasty in the evenings. In Dec 2013 the transformer went out, which is a pretty big repair. We like to sleep in a colder room & turn the heat down to 65-66 at bedtime, but turn it back up to about 73 degrees for 3-4 hours before bed. My husband has to go upstairs about 4pm & turn it up to 80 degrees so maybe by 9pm it will reach 73 degrees. The heating company told us the Lochinvar isn't made to be turned up & down, just keep the thermostat at the same temp. I've never heard of anything so ridiculous! The purpose of a boiler is to heat my house so it's warm & not take hours to do it, and if it doesn't do that, then it's worthless! Nowadays the focus seems to be about making the most energy effecient boiler, losing sight of the original purpose of the boiler which is to heat a house. This emphasis doesn't take into account how complicated & tempermental these high efficiency boilers are, and that they will cost you hundreds of dollars & possibly thousands in service calls. Any energy savings that was gained is so small in comparison to what will be spent on service calls & repairs. When companies lose sight of this main purpose and decide that energy effeciency is their primary goal everyone will ultimately be paying way more to keep their houses warm on top of having no heat when it's 10 degrees outside in winter & the boiler breaks once again. Two weeks ago our Weil McLain boiler broke so I was researching boilers when I found this website. I have no idea what to buy & guaging by all the reviews don't think there is a company that makes a high quality reliable boiler.

L. Gartner

Traverse City, Michigan

Other Knight Wall Mount Reviews

There are only a few comments about the Knight Wall Mount on online forums, and most of them are positive. Comments on heatinghelp.com state that the controls are among the best in the business and that the Knight is an excellent unit. Most problems with the Knight Wall Mount discussed on online forums appear to be due to poor installation and not the unit itself.

Knight Wall Mount Warranty

The Knight Wall Mount boiler warranty is comprised of a 12-year pro-rated warranty on the heat exchanger and a 2-year parts warranty. Labor costs are not included in the warranty.

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