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Lennox XP19 Heat Pump Overview

The Lennox XP19 heat pump is a discontinued two-stage heat pump with a SEER (cooling efficiency) measured at up to 18.6. This model is not currently manufactured, but may still be available through dealers. The XP19 runs at a lower capacity most of the time to reduce noise and energy costs. It has a heating efficiency of up to 9.3 HSPF. This heat pump utilizes R-410A refrigerant, which is ozone-friendly and EPA-approved. The XP19 was a part of the Lennox Signature collection.

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  • #8 of 17 Lennox Heat Pump
  • 6.67% of customers recommended

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Lennox XP19 Heat Pump Reviews

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"Bad product"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Two Lennox 3 ton heat pumps, one on each side of house. Last year, had to replace 5+ year old evap coil. Now, the other unit has a leaking evap coil. This product is super expensive to buy, probably because of all the bells and whistles, but it uses ultra thin copper to improve efficiency at the expense of electrolytic corrosion and leaks of refrigerant. It is, therefore, a piece of junk!

S. Friedman

Phoenix, Arizona

"Piece of crap."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Every 3 months the mountings on the fan kept loosening. After a year and a half the screws on the mountings sheared off. $500 fan replacement after 1.5 years. I'll never buy another Lennox, that's for sure.

Mike W.


"Nightmare Lennox's XP19"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

After 30 years of oil furnace comfort, I purchased the Lennox's XP19 in summer of 2006 for $10K. After the first year of use, this system has failed 4 to 6 times a year. The dealer, I brought it from had service my oil furnace and central air for 30 years. After 30 years of service from them, I very unhappy with the level of service from the product (XP19) and dealer. I've had to vacate my home for two days of no heat. The current problem, the dealer said motor condenser has failed and a new motor will cost $800.00. Service call went in 5/25/2011 and part was ordered but won't arrive until 6/03/2011. Poor and more poor service from dealer and Lennox. 90 degree Temperatures have been hovering for over a week. Stuck and hot in St. Mary's County MD. After reading all the reviews here, Lennox's needs to be held responsible for their defective products like SAMSUNG.

J Sewell

St. Mary's County, MD

"Bought the cadillac, go the lemmon (I mean Lennox)"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I bought the Signature Series XP-19 5-ton, 2-stage heat pump with propane back-up furnace, ERV, Harmoney III controller. I wanted the cadillac system for my energy-efficient insulated concrete house. The first problem was noise – which I've just gotten used-to. The main thing has been that it won't switch to stage 2 without me going to the furnace and pulling out the sensor. The dealer, a Premier Lennox Dealer, has come out numerous times. I've paid for an additional zone, have 3 zones now, for an additional cost. I've paid them over $25,000 so far for this. Yesterday it went into stage-2 all by itself for the first time, I got excited until I realized the air coming out of the vents is only 67 degrees. It's really hot in here! The dealer's on speed dial so here we go again.

J Hand

Springfield, MO

"Lennox XP19 with CBX32MV"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I had a Lennox Signature system installed 18 months ago under the Costco program and am devastated. I used a big part of my retirement savings and bought what I thought was a top of the line system hoping it would outlast me. It's total junk and Lennox wants me to pay time, labor and mileage for them to diagnose it and make repairs in spite of the 10 year warranty. It turns out that the warranty only covers some parts. When I talked to them on the phone they said all of the parts they expect may need to be replaced wouldn't be covered (relays, heating coil in the air handler and a switch) since they're "normal wear". So I have an expensive piece of junk and a company who will manipulate the facts so that the warranty is worthless and I pay everything. My son just had to replace his 6 year old Lennox system too, so it's not just a single case. I hope anyone considering a Lennox system looks twice. My recommendation is to avoid a Lennox.

S. Winters

Olympia, WA

Other XP19 Reviews

Comments posted on gardenweb.com reveal that the Lennox XP 19 is considered a "top of the line" model among heat pumps. A homeowner was considering an older model, and an expert answered that the XP 19 was superior to the other model mentioned. A more recent post on the same website shows one expert recommending the product, and another saying to check around and get more estimates.

A prospective customer asks a question on hvac-talk.com in reference to purchasing the Lennox XP 19 heat pump as part of a total package. The customer has also received a quote for the installation of a Carrier system. Two of the experts respond that the Lennox products would be a superior and more efficient system. Another post on hvac-talk.com involves two HVAC professionals talking about how much they like their XP 19s that they have in their own homes.

Lennox XP19 Model Numbers

The XP19 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER / HSPF BTUs per Hour
XP19-024-230* 18.4 / 9.1 0
XP19-036-230* 18.6 / 9.3 0
XP19-048-230* 17 / 9 0

XP19 Warranty

Lennox provides a limited warranty that covers parts only for five years. The installer will offer

new customers the opportunity to purchase a ten-year extended limited warranty at the time

of installation. New heat pump owners must register their products online or by contacting the dealer to make sure they qualify for warranty benefits.

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