Lennox Signature Heat Pumps

Lennox Signature Heat Pump Overview

The Lennox Signature heat pump series consists of three units models ranging in SEER ratings from 18.5 to as high as 23.5 and are all Energy Star qualified. The HSPF on these units ranges from 9.7 to 10.2.

Each of the units feature the manufacturer's proprietary Silent Comfort technology, which delivers sound levels as low as 63dB, and a silent cover fan grille that keep operation of the composite fan blades quiet. The Silent Comfort feature utilizes sensors that cause the blades to rotate faster in the event of being covered by debris or ice. The units are surrounded by a galvanized steel cabinet with a baked-on powder finish, and the steel base is coated with zinc for durability. The XP25 uses Precise Comfort Technology, which makes frequent, small adjustments to best maintain interior comfort.

Among other options, the Signature heat pump series can be combined with SunSource solar modules that power the heat pump, resulting in what Lennox claims to be a 50-percent reduction in cooling and heating bills. In addition, when a Signature product is installed with the iComfort Wi-Fi thermostat, the compressor can make 1-percent output adjustments. iComfort-enabled technology is available for communication among home comfort components.

The Lennox Signature heat pump series consists of several models, including the XP25, XP21 and SL18XP1, along with the discontinued Signature 15CHPX and XP19.

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Lennox Signature Heat Pump Reviews

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"Bad product"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We bought two Lennox Signature xp19 units just over a year ago. Barely into the second summer, one of the units stopped working. Defective thermal expansion valve. Parts covered but not the 1,000 labor. Highway robbery. One would expect better when purchasing top of the line units. Wouldn't buy another one.


"Unreliable PC board on exterior unit."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchased a Lennox xp-19 heat pump along with a matched air handler/furnace and new ductwork for the house over Memorial day 2010. 2 weeks later, the unit stopped cooling. Some air was coming out of the ductwork, but not enough to keep the house cool. The 'diagnosis' was a failed PC board on the outside unit. The service technician asked me if I wanted a board from another system, and I told him NO. I paid for a new unit, I want a new PC board. He bypassed the board and I was able to keep the house cool, however the variable speed/zoning functions were also bypassed. A week later, the replacement board arrived from Lennox and he installed it. Everything appeared to work fine. Until 1 week later, when the system stopped cooling again. Same symptoms. I've had this system for 1 month, and the technicians have been here 5 times now. Luckily, I have a 10-yr warranty on parts/labor with my service company and guaranteed 24hr service. My question is why are the PC boards so flakey? I could breathe on one and make it go out.

C. Roe

"Lennox Heat Pump System"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We purchased a Lennox HpX15-60 heating and air conditioning system in Nov 2005. In July of 2008, the condensate failed and caused major damage to our ceiling and wall from water leakage. Then in the winter of 2009, the heat pump failed and after two months of repairs the unit was replaced with another Lennox heat pump xp19-060-230-05. This system shuts off after running for a few times and will not come back on until it sits for hours. I have a tech coming out on Wednesday (same company that installed the first and second units. I alway use the same company as I want to make sure that I keep paperwork on the repairs. We have spent hundreds of dollars on this system. I am ready to file a lawsuit against Lennox. I can't afford to put in a new system again after only four and a half years with this one. I just don't know what to do anymore.

C. Johnson

"A Different Kind of Problem"

3.0 rating

Lennox xp19 4-ton system just installed mid-Feb 2010 turned out to be too big for my house. Dealer did not verify the square footage before installing. The blower did not always turn when power came on. Complete system replaced with xp19 3-ton system in early March. Now it works properly and is quite adequate for this house. The problem is, and I have not read of this problem anywhere else, both units emitted a very offensive odor filling the house to such a level that it is irritating to the throat and causing eyes to burn. The dealer said this has never happened before in 26 years he has been in business. With 50 years of living with a/c & heating systems, this is the first time this has happened to me. Since it seems no one else has any positive results from contacting Lennox, why should I bother. Has anyone else experienced an odor problem with a Lennox system?


"XP 15 with lots of problems"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I purchased a "Top of the Line" xp 15 Series unit 2.5 tonnes in August 2007. Since that time, I have had a technician at my home 4 times. Every time the season changes, there is a problem. Have spent almost $1700 on a product that cost me $7000 installed. Consumer affairs in Texas is of no help, if you can stand calling a long distance number and being on wait for 30 minutes. Their "premier service" provider in Montreal called Guaranteed Industries did nothing to champion my cause. It appears from the bills that there are lots of expansion valves being changed and now it is the ambient temperature sensor. All in all a very poor quality.

A Morneau

Other Signature Reviews

According to online reviews, many consumers are happy with their purchase of their Signature heat pump--even when a problem has occurred. As one reviewer on the Lennox site explained, when their unit had a drain backup, the thermostat disabled, leading the homeowner to call a technician rather than keeping the unit running. "This likely saved my flooring," the homeowner writes.

However, a few homeowners report that these units can be noisier than advertised. One reviewer says that, in general, the unit does operate quietly, until the thermostat is set to a few degrees warmer. This can cause the unit to operate at top speed, a noisy process. In addition, a number of online reviews include significant trouble with the Lennox warranty.

Signature Warranty

The Lennox warranty provides a 10-year limited warranty on the Signature heat pump's compressor and all remaining covered components.

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