Lennox Signature Heat Pumps

Lennox Signature Heat Pump Overview

The Lennox Signature heat pump series consists of three units models ranging in SEER ratings from 18.5 to as high as 23.5 and are all Energy Star qualified. The HSPF on these units ranges from 9.7 to 10.2.

Each of the units feature the manufacturer's proprietary Silent Comfort technology, which delivers sound levels as low as 63dB, and a silent cover fan grille that keep operation of the composite fan blades quiet. The Silent Comfort feature utilizes sensors that cause the blades to rotate faster in the event of being covered by debris or ice. The units are surrounded by a galvanized steel cabinet with a baked-on powder finish, and the steel base is coated with zinc for durability. The XP25 uses Precise Comfort Technology, which makes frequent, small adjustments to best maintain interior comfort.

Among other options, the Signature heat pump series can be combined with SunSource solar modules that power the heat pump, resulting in what Lennox claims to be a 50-percent reduction in cooling and heating bills. In addition, when a Signature product is installed with the iComfort Wi-Fi thermostat, the compressor can make 1-percent output adjustments. iComfort-enabled technology is available for communication among home comfort components.

The Lennox Signature heat pump series consists of several models, including the XP25, XP21 and SL18XP1, along with the discontinued Signature 15CHPX and XP19.

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Consumer Reviews of Lennox Signature


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Lennox Signature Heat Pump Reviews

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"Broke in under 5 years"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We purchased a house with a 1.5 year old Lennox Signature series heat pump with an oil heat backup. Now, 3 years later (system is 4.5 years old), the factory brazing on the discharge line from the compressor failed and the refrigerant leaked out, which caused the heat pump board to lock out the system. Discharge line was repaired by Lennox authorized dealer and the line failed again within 1 week. They then had to replace the compressor. 1 month later the txv unit on the inside coil has failed, causing the heat pump to stay on defrost mode for 1-2 hours. This system is not reliable and I am expecting more trouble over the years. Perhaps the technicians screwed up in some way causing the txv to fail, but who really knows. I will say though, a factory braze failure should be covered as a manufacturing defect by Lennox, but they essentially were rude and gave me the proverbial "jump in the lake" routine. Customer service is a joke that is for sure, you will be on hold forever and the staff are poorly trained. Based on this experience I will look to go with another company next time around. Lennox may have had a good reputation in the past but I assure you the new corporate management are clueless about how they are ruining the company.


Downingtown, PA

"Expensive, Poorly Designed, Unreliable"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We installed a high-end, Lennox "Signature Series" hvac system three years ago. The problem with the external component of the system is that it is not designed to operate where there is any moisture present (such as rain, ice, snow, or fog). The components corrode quickly, become pitted, the system does not receive full power, and it stops operating. We've replaced the same relay twice and most recently, the entire control circuit board. That repair lasted about one day. So far we've spent over $10,000 on a system that does not work. We're back to using inexpensive, reliable, electric space heaters that provide radiant heat.

Paul Currer

Arlington, VA

"Don't Buy Lennox"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Built a new home and asked for Lennox….what a mistake! They have horrible customer support, poor quality, and don't stand behind their products. Try calling their "Customer Care Line"…..it is only available 8-5, m-f and you have to wait and wait. They must have too many complaints! I'm asking my builder to "replace" my three Lennox signature series (top of the line) units – every unit I have has had parts replaced, average one outage a month, and the units are only 6 months old!!!!! Lennox quality is very very poor at best! Warranty? The units will be a money pit the day the warranty expires. I don't recommend them. It is "impossible" to escalate them as well – they don't listen to customers!

Randy Kubich

Fort Worth, Tx

"Lennox XP21 Expensive But Worth It"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

A couple years ago when our first heat pump burned up after almost 18 years of service we went shopping for heat pumps. Electricity rates were going up, so every time we purchased a new appliance for the house efficient energy consumption was always first on our list. We looked at many different heat pump manufactures but came back to Lennox after having had years of trouble free service from our prior unit. We decided on the XP21 model because it had a very high SEER rating of 19.00. The brochure said it would save us a couple hundred dollars off our electric bill. We did notice a reduction in our electric bill over our last unit although am not sure if it is much as they claim. If you plan on staying in your home for 10 years or more, the XP21 makes sense. What I really like about our new heat pump is how much quieter it is than the old model. Lennox insulates their upper end models much better so they do run a lot quieter. Overall we are really happy with this unit and so far it has not required any repairs. We would definitely purchase another Lennox heat pump again

Portland, OR

"Quietly efficient"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I just recently moved into my home 1 year ago, and the old heat pump system that was here previous was deplorable. The first thing I asked myself was where I was going to find a new one, what to look for and is it energy efficient, which is important. I was thinking of going to Home Depot to find one, but a friend told me, that she ordered one online that was highly remarkable. I trusted her and ordered a Dave Lennox Signature Collection heat pump. They installed the pump and I was so anxious to see how it worked, would it improve my energy bill and most of all would it be quiet. I'm here to say I am so satisfied with the heat pump that I gave her a box of chocolates! The heat pump is so quiet and so smooth, you can't tell the difference if it's running or off. I was also curious about the darn energy bill, and needless to say my energy bill was cut 40 dollar'S. I thought all those people who were energy nuts, were absolutely crazy to waste money buying energy star product, but they work and help cut down on energy use and well worth the splurge. There is nothing bad to say about this heat pump, only positive. I told all my friends about it, and recommend that they get one also to cut down the cost of their energy bills. I have had it for a little over a year and it's still quiet and cutting down the energy bill. I also still have not had it repaired; it's still ticking and working just like new

Flint, MI

Other Signature Reviews

According to online reviews, many consumers are happy with their purchase of their Signature heat pump--even when a problem has occurred. As one reviewer on the Lennox site explained, when their unit had a drain backup, the thermostat disabled, leading the homeowner to call a technician rather than keeping the unit running. "This likely saved my flooring," the homeowner writes.

However, a few homeowners report that these units can be noisier than advertised. One reviewer says that, in general, the unit does operate quietly, until the thermostat is set to a few degrees warmer. This can cause the unit to operate at top speed, a noisy process. In addition, a number of online reviews include significant trouble with the Lennox warranty.

Signature Warranty

The Lennox warranty provides a 10-year limited warranty on the Signature heat pump's compressor and all remaining covered components.

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