Lennox Signature Heat Pumps

Lennox Signature Heat Pump Overview

The Lennox Signature heat pump series consists of three units models ranging in SEER ratings from 18.5 to as high as 23.5 and are all Energy Star qualified. The HSPF on these units ranges from 9.7 to 10.2.

Each of the units feature the manufacturer's proprietary Silent Comfort technology, which delivers sound levels as low as 63dB, and a silent cover fan grille that keep operation of the composite fan blades quiet. The Silent Comfort feature utilizes sensors that cause the blades to rotate faster in the event of being covered by debris or ice. The units are surrounded by a galvanized steel cabinet with a baked-on powder finish, and the steel base is coated with zinc for durability. The XP25 uses Precise Comfort Technology, which makes frequent, small adjustments to best maintain interior comfort.

Among other options, the Signature heat pump series can be combined with SunSource solar modules that power the heat pump, resulting in what Lennox claims to be a 50-percent reduction in cooling and heating bills. In addition, when a Signature product is installed with the iComfort Wi-Fi thermostat, the compressor can make 1-percent output adjustments. iComfort-enabled technology is available for communication among home comfort components.

The Lennox Signature heat pump series consists of several models, including the XP25, XP21 and SL18XP1, along with the discontinued Signature 15CHPX and XP19.

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Consumer Reviews of Lennox Signature


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Lennox Signature Heat Pump Reviews

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"Not efficient in freezing weather"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

I used to have a thermo pump that worked until -12 Celsius (10 Fahrenheit) the limit of coldness that allows heating with electricity under my agreement with hydro Quebec. This thermo pump seem to revert to the backup heating system as soon as it get a bit cold. So for those like me who have a bi energy agreement with Hydro Quebec this reduces the benefits of the agreement as it uses the backup before the electricity become expensive. My next thermo pump will not be an expensive one like this.


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"XP21 Lennox heat pump"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Our new Lennox system was installed in the fall of 2013, replacing one from 2001. It consists of (1) two Signature Series (XC21/SL280V) units for our main downstairs living area, and (2) one Signature Series (XP21/CBX32MV) unit, which uses a heat pump, for an extra room above the garage. The total cost of the units was $35,603 minus $3,000 rebate. All units are advertised as having 'Ultra Quiet Operation.' However, the outside heat pump (XP21) is slightly noisier than the older one was. The major problem is this: when it rains or snows with temperatures falling below about 36 degrees, the pump often freezes up. And it does not do so quietly; it groans and moans in the process. The first few nights (yes, nights) I used hot water (via a long hose from the water heater) to defrost the exchanger, but now I just turn the unit off and wait till the next morning to do so. To me, the visible difference between the old and new pump is that the old one had metal fan blades and the new has composite blades on which ice seems to form more readily.

Fred H

Williamsburg, VA

"Error code 413 issue"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The design of this system is so technical, not even the service techs who installed it (<2 years ago) can troubleshoot problems. To call Lennox customer service or Tech support is a joke. The numbers are automated, which sends you into a loop of pushing buttons for the next department or available person…then you wait, wait, wait. On Customer Service line, you just wait, wait, wait. When someone does answer they can't communicate about your equipment or transfer you to someone who can help. They just send you an email to file a complaint with Lennox Corp. Office. I wanted a Solar Ready HVAC system, paid over 25k dollars to have mine installed (not the solar part mind you, that is an additional expense). I'm afraid the vendor, RS Andrews and Lennox are not a good match to provide reliabilty, dependability, quick service or good custom relations. Sorry guys…. It's summer school for you guys!

P. Harte

Surry, Virginia

"Not Suited For Winter Weather"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Recommended and installed by contractor summer of 2011. Winter 2012-13: something sounded like a diesel truck idling in the garden, so loud. Was amazed to see that in fact that is the sound of the fan blades covered in ice hitting the sides of the molded plastic housing. I'm not in Alaska, this is near Washington, D.C. Turned off heat, removed ice. Of course, it did it again and eventually froze in place with motor grinding away. Technician said, all I need to do is to get a hair dryer and defrost it. That's what they do at his office. Can I rate less than one star? A unit that provides heat is needed because it's cold outside. If it's cold outside, there can be ice. It's called winter weather. This is such a stupid design, the plastic housing is all one piece. It's not like you can remove it, so the fan blades won't freeze to it. So the emergency heat goes on, but the real emergency is in the design department at Lennox. What a waste.

A Cain

Frederick MD

"Great System!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I had a Lennox system installed over 8 years ago and it's been running like a champ since the day I installed it. I've read reviews on many brands and can find bad reviews on all of them. What it comes down to is the proper design, duct system and installation practices of the contractor that you use. I will definitely stick with Lennox, and with the best contractors to do the job. Don't take the lowest price folks then complain about the breakdowns. You get what you pay for.

Lynn Ionta


Other Signature Reviews

According to online reviews, many consumers are happy with their purchase of their Signature heat pump--even when a problem has occurred. As one reviewer on the Lennox site explained, when their unit had a drain backup, the thermostat disabled, leading the homeowner to call a technician rather than keeping the unit running. "This likely saved my flooring," the homeowner writes.

However, a few homeowners report that these units can be noisier than advertised. One reviewer says that, in general, the unit does operate quietly, until the thermostat is set to a few degrees warmer. This can cause the unit to operate at top speed, a noisy process. In addition, a number of online reviews include significant trouble with the Lennox warranty.

Signature Warranty

The Lennox warranty provides a 10-year limited warranty on the Signature heat pump's compressor and all remaining covered components.

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