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"Great product! Reliable and energy efficient!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have owned my heat pump as long as I have owned my house, which is about 2 and 1/2 years now. It was installed recently, right before we bought the home, which was a big selling point to have a newly installed heat pump only a few months old. I have never had to service it, and I love not having to worry about it. I can't say much about it that I don't dislike, since it heats our house nicely and doesn't run our heating bill through the roof (although we also have a fireplace so I don't heat the house to insane levels of heat with it either). I would definitely buy the brand again. Was my first time having a heat pump and has been a very nice experience.

Horsham, PA

"Surprised at the poor quality"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

What's in a name? Nothing! My home is 5 years old and I began having problems during year # 2. In the contract the builder said most HVAC units last 15-22 years. Well,they need to change that to months. These 2 heat pumps are worthless and they are not cheap! There is no quality in a brand you think is reliable!


Augusta, GA

"Very unhappy with Lennox!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Eight years ago we bought the top of the line 4 zone Lennox heat pump. We paid $20,000. We thought we were getting a well made, energy efficient system, made by a reputable company. Boy, are we sorry! We've had nothing but trouble with it since day one. We've had to replace the compressor and several other parts. It is so high tech, no reputable HVAC service person wants to work on it. The Lennox dealer we bought it from has since gone out of business. I always thought Lennox was the best! We will never buy another Lennox product. After reading all these bad reviews about how Lennox is not standing behind their product, at least we have the satisfaction of knowing we weren't the only people who made the mistake of trusting Lennox. I just wish I had read the reviews before we bought a Lennox. Never again!

T. Barnes

Salisbury, MD

"Mediocre Heating with Heat Pump"

3.0 rating

We have had this heat pump for one and a half year's. We had to replace an almost five year old unit that was original to the home. Our sales man told us that you get a much more efficient heat with a gas unit, however our home is all electric and the gas lines were not run up to the house to even give us an option. We find in the winter time that the air blowing out of the vents can feel cool and it does need to operate many mornings on the highest setting which means it can be considerably louder than we would like. Overall, as far as a heat pump is concerned, I think this works as well as any other, our home does get heated. We have not had to repair this unit and find that it is much more efficient than our previous unit that we had.

College Station, Tx

"Quiet unit that i love"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I've owned the XP13 Heat Pump system for the past 2 years now, and I couldn't be happier with it. I like that the system is extremely quick and heats, or cools down my home fast and efficiently. I own a town home, so because of the size this unit gets to each room within minutes of turning it. The only thing that I am dissatisfied with is I had to replace the Capacitor last year. But I believe because I live in Los Angeles where I use the it quite a lot, it damaged it. I would still buy this heater pump again if I had too because I just feel like its prefect for my home and life style. Being someone who gets hot a lot, and even in the winter very cold. I want my home to cool down or heat up very fast. I also like a sound sleep, so it working quietly always is top priority.

los angeles

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