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"Chinese Water Torture"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Our $16,000 Lennox heat pump has been a problem from day one. The compressor makes a thumping sound whenever the unit runs and the entire unit is very noisy inside the house. My 19 year-old Rheem was silent and we never knew when it was running but his thing has been driving us crazy for almost 7 months and numerous service calls have failed to remedy the situation. The blower goes off at random, loudly roaring and blowing with hurricane velocity, blowing my curtains up to the ceiling. Two days ago it started making a loud nasty sound along with a clunking noise. I went to the window and saw the unit shaking violently. This went on for 3 hours and calls for help from the company went unanswered. We were afraid to leave the house in fear for what it would do next – explode or go on fire? Our nerves are shot from living with the constant roaring, thumping, blowing etc. We are now going to go though the Attorney General's Office for help as we are two 80 year-old who are being kicked around by a couple of corporate giants – Lennox and Lowes. If that doesn't work, hello lawsuit.

Kay Huether

Milford, DE

"When designing a new home, make sure it's efficient enough."

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Our heat pump was installed when we purchased the house in 2005. It has always been very efficient as far as the AC is concerned, but the heat portion has a tendency to be a bit underrated for this size of house. That is not the problem of the unit, but the company installing the unit installed one that is too small for this house. The only part that I have had to replace was the capacitor last year (2015) which went out because of overheating from constant use during one of our hottest summers. I purchased the part for around 8 bucks and replaced it myself. I would always trust this brand, because some of the more expensive brands can become very proprietary…meaning that their parts are not interchangeable, or generic parts could not be used. Since I have had no major problems, other than the capacitor and a leak or two from poor installation, I would recommend this brand and model for others, and if I were to build a house where this size unit would be efficient enough.

Statham, Georgia

"Worst heat pumps"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The worst 3 heat pumps I bought. The warranty was 1 year. 1 heat pump crapped out at 13 months. I'll never buy another Lennox, don't know what model, etc. All 3 were 5 tons each.

bob dobson

Duncan, BC, Canada

"No quality control"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Had a Lennox heat pump installed in October 2015. The first day it got cold the fan started hitting the shroud and making a pinging sound. Got hold of **** *** ***** Heating and Air, who put the unit in, and the owner said he would think on it. It only hits on cold temps of 15 f and colder. And as of January 2016 they still have not come to fix it but said they came out and looked at it. But no one talked to anyone or showed that they were there. It's more than likely a manufacturing defect in the metal, but if the company installing it doesn't react Lennox doesn't care enough about their product to help resolve the problem.

L Jones

Ellensburg, WA


5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Our heat pump failed at 10 years old just this past January. We got several quotes from different A/C contractors and the brands that they feature. Lucky for us this happened in January in south coastal Georgia, so we did not suffer much. We found a wonderful company that installed Lennox. We knew the Lennox name, so we were confident that we would get a good machine. Our old heat pump was just builder grade, and right outside the master bedroom. It was so loud it often disturbed my sleep. With that in mind I wanted the quietest unit I could afford. Lennox to the rescue. This unit is very quiet, we have to strain to make sure it is running! Our old unit was a SEER 13, while this unit is SEER 18.5. We also were able to have an energy audit, and made the most of it for the rebates. They changed the air handler also. Our power bill with the new unit went down from $185.00 per month, to currently $145.00 per month, with expectations of that to finally end up in the neighborhood of $130.00. Yes this unit is a little pricey, but with the rebates, tax credits, and reduced energy costs it was well worth the investment. If for nothing else, I would highly recommend this Lennox heat pump for the super quiet features. Peace at last!

Savannah, GA

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