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Lennox Merit Heat Pump Overview

Lennox currently manufactures two series of heat pumps. The Lennox Merit series of heat pumps are slightly more budget-friendly in price than the Lennox Elite series. The Merit series offers two models, the 13HPX and the 14HPX, which are both currently being produced by Lennox. The models carry a SEER of thirteen and fourteen, respectively. Both models in the Merit series utilize a scroll compressor for quiet and efficient operation. The 14HPX has earned an Energy Star certification.

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Lennox Merit Heat Pump Reviews

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"HVAC contractor review of Lennox heat pumps."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I'm an HVAC contractor in the Atlanta, Georgia area and Lennox heat pumps are nothing but a warranty nightmare for me. About 50% of the Lennox Industries heat pumps that I have installed have failed in one fashion or another. Primary with the outdoor TXV power head going bad during its first heating season. The Danfoss TXV they use is not serviceable and has to be replaced which is very, very labor intensive. There is no high pressure cut off switch located between the compressor hot gas discharge port and the TXV. So in the event of a TXV failure, and if not caught in time, it will destroy the compressor. I have also had multiple leaks with the heat pump's factory piping because of poor brazing at the factory. I no longer sell any heat pump manufactured by Lennox and sold under a multitude of different names such as Air Ease, Concord, Airflow or even Lennox branded heat pumps. They are nothing more then a disappointment in a box!

J. Cook

Loganville, GA

"Still going strong"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

I've owned this heat pump from the day it was installed in our new home in 2003. I've only had the inside unit fan replaced under warranty. I've had no issues with this heat pump at this moment other than needing to be charged once. The heat pump is noisy by today's standards but it's still performing after 12 years. It handles the load for a two story house as the only heating and cooling unit.

Melvin McClellan Jr

Ladson, SC

"Horrible Unit"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Hasn't worked right since installed late August 2012. Only works in winter months. Since April 2013, I have had installer out to my home weekly. Sometimes unit only worked 1 day then I had to wait a week for them to come back. Save your money, Lennox won't replace the unit and if you get a horrible contractor, they will abandon you before the labor warranty is up.


Chatham, VA


2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

I've had this heat pump about two years and during a routine maintenance the tech found mold growing in the blower. I Did see it, so no problem there but my old Carrier was 20+ years old and never had a mold problem. The reccomendation to correct it was a 600.00 ultra-violet light permanemtly attached. I have had more frequent upper respiratory problems and wonder if the mold ha been the cause. Has anyone else had a mold problem with the heat pump? I was told that this is very common. I contend that it has to do with the design of the heat pump.



"Good job"

3.0 rating

Good job, was nice and clever to reduce emissions of your heating system ! But I think the insulating material used is dangerous because it releases toxic fumes when overheated. We recommend you to use, on your next manufacturing, fiberglass or stone wool with aluminum foil, which withstand high temperatures and does not release toxic gases. Careful though the dust in their use. I hope I helped and sorry for my English, I'm from Greece.



Other Merit Reviews

One consumer on hvac-talk.com asks a question about the difference between the 14HPX and a model in the Lennox Elite series on hvac-talk.com. The experts respond that the Elite series model will qualify for a tax credit and they are not sure about the Merit model. The Merit model also does not seem to have a low pressure switch, which the HVAC experts feel is important.

A long exchange can be found on gardenweb.com regarding a homeowner who is updating his heating system. He currently uses a system with heat strips and is interested in converting to a heat pump; he has a quote on a Lennox Merit series heat pump. One of the contractors notes that he feels this is a lower end Lennox product and he would recommend a Trane product.

A reviewer on webhvac.com writes that the Lennox Merit series heat pumps are reasonably priced and reliable. The author notes that the R-410A refrigerant used in the heat pumps is environmentally friendly.

Lennox Merit Model Numbers

The Merit is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER / HSPF BTUs per Hour
13HPX-018-230* 13.5 / 7.7 0
13HPX-030-230* 13.5 / 8 0
13HPX-036-230* 13 / 8 0
13HPX-042-230* 13.5 / 8 0
13HPX-048-230* 13 / 8 0
13HPX-060-230* 13 / 7.7 0
13HPX-061-230* 14 / 8.2 0
14HPX-018-230* 15 / 8.1 0
14HPX-024-230* 14 / 8.2 0
14HPX-030-230* 14 / 8.2 0
14HPX-036-230* 14 / 8.2 0
14HPX-042-230* 14 / 8.2 0
14HPX-048-230* 14 / 8.2 0
14HPX-060-230* 14 / 8.2 0

Merit Warranty

The 13HPX model offers a five-year limited parts warranty. The warranty for 14HPX is the same. Customers can purchase an extended warranty for both models and may register their new equipment online.

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