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Lennox Elite Heat Pump Overview

Lennox’s Elite series offer 3 models of Energy Star qualified heat pumps ranging from 14.5 SEER / 8.7 HSPF to 16.5 SEER / 9.5 HSPF. This model advertises the use of a high-efficiency outdoor coil and dual fuel capability for optimal energy use and operation.

All models are manufactured with a durable steel cabinet, Lennox’s SmartHinge design for easy interior access, drainage holes, and use the chlorine-free R-410 refrigerant. The model highest in efficiency, the XP16, is equipped with a two-stage scroll compressor that consistently operates on the lowest stage to maximize energy savings.

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  • 19.05% of customers recommended

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Lennox Elite Heat Pump Reviews

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"Lennox Furnaces, Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We had a Reality Home built in 2005 and they installed a Lennox Elite Heat Pump (that is the brand they used and we were not given an option for another choice). We have had nothing but problems, problems and problems. Every time we have a service person come out, the system needs recharged, re-soldered and parts replaced. The labor alone is enough to bankrupt a homeowner. Has anybody sent a complaint to the Better Business Bureau? I would be interested to learn if perhaps there is there is a class action law suit. It is not working at this time – we are on emergency power only. I am feed up.

Mary Buchanan

Mossyrock, WA 98564


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Lennox Elite series heat pump installed July 2005 has been nothing but problems. In 2008 there was a problem with the air conditioning, had to have repaired for a high $$$ including having the system recharged with refrigerant because it was all lost due to a line that wasn't properly secured so it rubbed a hole. NOW…..the coldest weather we have had so far this season the compressor just went. Warranty apparently is going to cover that but is going to cost at least $ 1200 for other parts and labor. The local Lennox dealer said it might take at least a week for this compressor to arrive and wouldn't schedule a time to fix this piece of junk until the compressor comes in. Best part is once the new compressor is installed " even know its a brand new compressor " the warranty is not extended for another 10 years — it will only be covered for the remainder of the 10 year warranty that came with the original one installed. Both of these problems occured shortly after having the system serviced. Seems to be quite the trend here……..eh ???

duped in muncy

Muncy PA

"A great unit"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Replaced a 27-year-old ge split-system heat pump with a Lennox xp14 two years ago. Electric usage was more than cut in half. Unit is much quieter than the old one, and has performed flawlessly.

Jason Markham

"Not Happy"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I purchased a Lennox heat pump 4 years ago – model hp2603615p. It's compressor seized after 4 1/2 years and it's costing me $957 to fix not including the warranty coverage. 10 year warranty on the compressor? That's nice but labor and parts are $957 which are not covered. I called Lennox to complain about the compressor only lasting 4 years and about the cost to fix it. The only response they had for me was to call around to get a cheaper estimate on labor and parts. No more Lennox products in my home.



1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I can't agree more with the painful reviews on this page. I've owned a 3 ton Elite Series unit for 5 years now and it's been nothing but problems and a financial drain. Failed txv, all refrigerant leaked out, system contaminated. Paid over $1000 in September 2009 to repair. Now the compressor has failed. Probably a complete loss. Wrote Lennox and consumer affairs. Lennox did nothing for me!! Nothing!

D Rich

Other Elite Reviews

Reviewers on webhvac.com and heatpumpcompare.com regard the Elite series as a quality mid-level product. A review on hvac-for-beginners.com notes the standard warranty on the Elite series is not as long or comprehensive as other brands.

Homeowners on consumersaffairs.com comment on their warranty term expiring and costing them expensive repairs for their systems. Frequently breaking parts, system shut downs, and "lemons" are issues mentioned on the thread.

Lennox Elite Model Numbers

The Elite is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER / HSPF BTUs per Hour
XP13-018-230* 14 / 7.7 0
XP13-024-230* 14 / 7.7 0
XP13-030-230* 14 / 7.7 0
XP13-036-230* 13 / 7.7 0
XP13-042-230* 13.5 / 7.7 0
XP13-048-230* 13.5 / 7.7 0
XP13-060-230* 13 / 7.7 0
XP14-018-230* 15 / 8 0
XP14-024-230* 14 / 8.3 0
XP14-030-230* 14 / 8.3 0
XP14-060-230* 14 / 8.8 0

Elite Warranty

Every model in the Elite series qualifies for Lennox's basic warranty. Consumers do not have to register their product to receive a:

  • 10-year limited warranty on compressors
  • 5-year limited warranty on covered components
  • 20-year or Limited Lifetime heat exchanger, depending upon model

Select units are available for extended coverage, which increases coverage on parts and compressors from 5 years to 10 years. To receive extended coverage, the unit must be registered within 90 days of installation.

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