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"Good unit"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I am a retired HVAC tech and had this unit installed in a remodel of the home I bought. I knew the HVAC company and told them they had free reins but I also told them I was a retired HVAC service tech and I will be watching. The only problem I have found with the unit is the noise, I had told the installers I have isolation pads to put the unit on as it was being put in a closet that was being built and tiled on the floor. I will have to find a way to put them under the unit to make it quiet. Other than that I have owned this unit since 2009 and it has given me no problems. The one thing people need to realize is that if a unit us installed wrong in any way it will give you problems, some to no end, so I would really pay attention to the installers. Also, watch them. If you want, ask questions, and if they do not like you watching and asking questions throw them out of your home. These are the ones that need to be watched, in my opinion. Also just a few tips: try and get a high and low return so the high will be open for the summer and the low during the winter, have the duct work wrapped with insulation and try not to get the insulation they put inside that effects the air flow. Also, if they are doing a complete install (duct work and all) ask them to make the duct as square as possible or use round; you get better airflow.

Robert Muller

Drury, MO

"Trust Lennox"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

This furnace is 21 years old and has been almost perfect. The drain tube plugged one time, easy fix. Honestly, I grew up in a home with Lennox and this one has been just as reliable. I change the filter but only have it cleaned professionally every two or three years.

R Lynch

Roscoe, IL

"Do not buy this crap!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This unit was installed in August 2006 as part of a remodel. It was not used until 2008 when house was occupied – part-time. I have only been in this house full time since June 2010 and have already had two service calls due to improper draining. Now I'm told the heat exchanger is leaking, which I found because it leaked into the crawl space. This is being used in a moderate California location! What in the world would it have done in a real cold climate?? The service company says labor is not covered on the 20-year heat exchange warranty (which is taking time for "approval") so it will cost me over $2000 to fix a 6 year old heater! What quality specs were they building to? I would not advise anyone to buy Lennox. I am deeply disappointed and wondering if I should just have the entire unit replaced but it cost over $7000 to install to begin with. I am told this has happened to other units in less than 10 years. Like I said, please stay away from this Lennox crap!

Judy S

Northern CA

"Has to service every single winter"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I own five properties that I rent. The one with the Lennox furnace has the newest furnace of them all. Every single winter, the thing won't start. It is always something. Last time we were told that some kind of sensor was dirty. They gave us a list of things that could have caused it to go bad. The list included everything from regular dust, to perfume!. Perfume? Really? Come on! I can't believe these furnaces are so wimpy that even the smell of perfume could cause sensors to quit working. In the mean time, the furnaces in my other properties (which are not Lennox) have been working for over 10 years, with only occasional maintenance and a yearly inspection. I'm glad I didn't chose a Lennox for my cabin up north. I would probably be facing thousands of dollars worth of frozen pipes repairs. The only ones happy with my Lennox are the people who work at the company that has to service it. My Lennox is a billing machine for them.

R. Bianchini

St. Paul, MN

"This is a review of the quality of my furnace and my satifaction."

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

This is the best furnace that I have ever owned because it is self cleaning and it comes with a lifetime warranty. I have also recommended this product to all of my neighbors and for my family and friends. The fact that I only need to change the filter twice per year also saves me a lot of money per year. In the future I will be recommending the Lennox furnace and air conditioning system for myself and all of the other people that I recommended it to in the past.

Griffith, IN

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