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"Great heating system"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Purchased this unit in October 2015 and I am very happy. The unit is efficient and quiet. Installed by a local HVAC provider with no issues. This is my first experience with Lennox and so far I'm impressed. Will see how the AC unit works in the spring.

W. Pinder

Bel Air, MD

"Happy homeowner"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

My Lennox gas heater and central air conditioner was installed back in February 1995. The units replaced an electric heat pump. We have never had a service call. It's now 20 years later and I'm now finding a problem with the heater firing up but not always putting out heat. I will be calling a service technician. With my great long term experience I have nothing but good things to report about Lennox. I do believe that HVAC systems won't last the 30-40+ years that many used to. I would buy a Lennox again.

J Szelc

Mt. Laurel, NJ

"Great little furnace"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I purchased this furnace to replace a worn out furnace with a cracked heat exchanger in the late spring of 2014. It has now weathered the winter of 2014/15 and I have recently fired it up this fall 2015 for another cold Illinois winter. This furnace is a high efficiency model, and it certainly doesn't disappoint. The house is 3220 square feet, and this furnace has no problem heating it to a nice toasty temperature in the coldest of weather, and while not breaking the bank. When it was installed, a vent pipe for the exhaust had to be routed to the outside – which was done fairly easily. The drawback to this vent pipe is that a fair amount of condensate drips out and onto a stone patio, where it freezes like a stalagmite in the winter. I have now resorted to using a large bucket to capture the water as it drips – at least I don't risk damaging the patio below. All in all, I am quite happy with the reliability and performance of this furnace, and would recommend it to anyone in the market for a new unit. I like its efficiency and reliability. Although it is fairly new, I have never had any issues with it. I would buy the same unit again, and would recommend it to a friend.

Danville, Illinois

"Does not work every winter"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I am the same as a lot of other people. Every winter it needs to be repaired. I live in a brand new house and have had to have the furnace repaired 8 times in three years.


Bruceton Mills, WV

"Excellent quality and productivity"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We have personally owned the furnace for 6+ years, but it looks to be the original furnace from when the house was built back in 1964. I love that it is still working, for one thing! I also love that we haven't had to do any kind of service or repairs to it in the 6+ years that we have lived here. I can't think of anything that I don't like about it. The only thing we have had to do is re-light the pilot light a couple times, which is no big deal. When we move, or when this furnace finally goes out, I will absolutely be looking to install a Lennox furnace. Although, if it goes out, I would try to repair it before I tried to replace it! I am sure that they built them better back in the day, and that is part of why it is still going, but I am willing to give Lennox the benefit of the doubt and buy their furnace again. I would completely recommend this furnace to anyone.

Pueblo, CO

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