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The Lennox G61V is a discontinued variable-speed gas furnace with enhance humidity controls that operates at multiple speeds to regulate the air flow throughout the home.

A SureLight control board ensures easy and efficient functioning of all systems. This furnace is Energy Star rated with an AFUE from 94.6 to 95%. It is a two-stage furnace that provides two levels of heating for temperature control. The design of the Lennox G61V Furnace is CSA certified and has obtained the Good Housekeeping Seal.

The G61V and the G61MPV are identical machines — Lennox is just not consistent in how they refer to the two. (The “G” means “natural gas”, the “61” is the series identifier, and “MPV” means “multi-positional, variable speed”).

Furnace Filters for the Lennox G61V

Air Flow Configuration Cabinet Width Filter Size(s)
All 17-1/2″ 16x25x1 (side)
16x25x1 (bottom)
All 21″ 16x25x1 (side)
20x25x1 (bottom)
All 24-1/2″ Two 16x25x1 (side)
24x25x1 (bottom)

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Consumer Reviews of Lennox G61V


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  • #4 of 29 Lennox Furnace
  • 59.09% of customers recommended

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Lennox G61V Furnace Reviews

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1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

My g61mpv gas furnace is not 3 years old yet. this winter it has not worked more than it has. I have had the computer motherboard replaced but it still only works sometimes and doesn’t put out heat properly. it is a total frustration to me as I am retired on a fixed income. what can be done to get lennox to stand behind their poorly manufactured furnaces?

Eugene, OR

"Lennox G61V"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Well I finally replaced my Pulse 21 furnace with a Lennox g61v and could not be happier. This furnace makes our home way more comfortable and is very quiet. No more cold spots. Two Stage ecm is definitely the way to go. I was thinking about going with the Lennox g71p but was advised against it because it was a newer model furnace. The g61v has been out for some time and is reliable based on the reports I have read. I considered the Trane xv95 as well but opted for the g61v after hearing how quiet it was.

Toronto, Canada

"So far…Great!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We installed a new g61mpv36c-090 this year and so far it has been fabulous. Compared with the old furnace it’s extremely quiet and uses half of the fuel. We really like the new thermostat as well which is much easier to program than the old one.

Seattle, WA

"Jo jo jo"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I own a Lennox g61mpv furnace. Best on the market, unbelievably quiet, cut energy cost in half. Absolutely best you can buy!! Go Lennox

Sask, Canada


5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have a g61mpv and its been great. My father and most of my friends have lennox products, all of them are happy with there heating systems.

Winnipeg, MB

Other G61V Reviews

Commenters on HVAC-Talk message boards and heating contractor sites intensely debate Lennox equipment in general:

  • Several posters suggest that Lennox is inferior to many brands, such as Trane, due to frequent problems with circuit boards, inducer blowers, and even motors.
  • Others state that Lennox is one of the better brands because problematic components were discarded years ago and new innovative equipment has since been introduced to improve their quality.
  • In another hvac-talk.com forum, a professional technician states that Lennox parts are cheaper than many others, yet others have complained that waiting for parts and Lennox technical support, whenever available, is problematic, causing inconvenience for customers.
  • Several people in another hvac-talk.com forum argue Lennox equipment requires Lennox technicians because they are most familiar with problems related to this brand.

Lennox G61V Model Numbers

The G61V is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
G61MPV-36B-045-* 94.1 44,000
G61MPV-36B-045-** 94.1 44,000
G61MPV-36B-070-* 94.1 66,000
G61MPV-36B-071-* 95 66,000
G61MPV-36B-071-* 95 66,000
G61MPV-36B-071-** 95 66,000
G61MPV-36B-071-** 95 66,000
G61MPV-36C-090-* 94.3 88,000
G61MPV-60C-090-* 94.6 88,000
G61MPV-60C-091-* 95 88,000
G61MPV-60C-091-* 95 88,000
G61MPV-60C-091-** 95 88,000
G61MPV-60C-091-** 95 88,000
G61MPV-60C-110-* 94.3 110,000
G61MPV-60C-111-* 95 110,000
G61MPV-60C-111-* 95 110,000
G61MPV-60C-111-** 95 110,000
G61MPV-60C-111-** 95 110,000
G61MPV-60D-135-* 94.6 132,000

G61V Warranty

The Lennox Elite series offers a 5-year warranty on parts, 10 years on the compressor and 20-year to limited Limited Lifetime on the heat exchanger.

An extended warranty is available which extends the parts warranty to 10 years, if your furnace was installed after March 1, 2009 and you register online within 90 days of installation.

An extended warranty (which covers labor) is available from Lennox dealers for an additional fee.

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