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Lennox G50 Furnace Overview

The Lennox G50 is a gas furnace that is part of the Lennox Elite Series. The G50 has an efficiency rating of 80% AFUE, which is a low efficiency when compared to other furnaces manufactured today. Lennox claims it can save between $1115 and $2197 for 3 years of use when compared to older furnaces with 55% to 65% AFUE rating.

The furnace has a low-speed blower fan that the company says provides slower air circulation and an insulated blower compartment which the company claims reduces sound. It can also be used with an electric heat pump. When used with the heat pump, it will alternate between electric and gas heat, reducing fuel usage.

Furnace Filters for the Lennox G50

Air Flow Configuration Cabinet Width Filter Size(s)
Horizontal 14×25″ 14x25x1
Horizontal 18×25″ 18x25x1
Horizontal 20×25″ 20x25x1
Horizontal 25×25″ 25x25x1

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Consumer Reviews of Lennox G50


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Lennox G50 Furnace Reviews

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1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I bought a new home with a Lennox G50 series furnace. after about 3 years of ownership the combustion air inducer motor started making grinding noises at the impeller, which caused it to not trigger a pressure switch that made the furnace inoperable. After calling the installer, they said that it wasn’t covered under warranty and that it would be about $500 to fix. I ended up ordering the parts online and fixing it myself. I am very dissatisfied that a 3 year old furnace would have problems like this. I am currently shopping for another furnace for a rental home and I will not even consider the terrible lennox brand because of my past experience.

Northville, MI


2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

I owned a Lennox furnace that was 50 yrs old.Last Sept I had a g50 installed.My big complaint is when the furnace kicks in there is a kind of grinding whizzing sound that’s loud enough to wake me and my wife up sometimes.The dealer installed a second furnace and it makes the same noise.Is that normal,if it’s not, what do you think could be making that awful noise.

sarnia, ontario, canada

Other G50 Reviews

Posters in the following hvac-talk.com post claim that the G50 is a step up from Lennox's G40 furnaces for only a slightly higher price.

Lennox G50 Model Numbers

The G50 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
G50DF-24A-045-* 80 44,000
G50DF-24A-045X-* 80 44,000
G50DF-36A-070-* 80 66,000
G50DF-36A-070X-* 80 66,000
G50DF-36B-090-* 80 88,000
G50DF-48C-090-* 80 88,000
G50DF-48C-090X-* 80 88,000
G50DF-48C-110-* 80 110,000
G50DF-60C-110-** 80 110,000
G50DF-60C-110X-** 80 110,000
G50DF-60D-135-* 80 132,000
G50UH-24A-045-* 80 44,000
G50UH-24A-045X-* 80 44,000
G50UH-24A-070-* 80 66,000
G50UH-36A-070-* 80 66,000
G50UH-36A-070X-* 80 66,000
G50UH-36B-090-* 80 88,000
G50UH-36C-110-* 80 110,000
G50UH-48B-090-* 80 88,000
G50UH-48B-090X-* 80 88,000
G50UH-48C-110-** 80 110,000
G50UH-48C-135-* 80 132,000
G50UH-60C-110-** 80 110,000
G50UH-60C-110X-** 80 110,000
G50UH-60D-135-* 80 132,000
G50UH-60D-155-* 80 154,000

G50 Warranty

Lennox offers a 20-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger for the G50 models. A 10-year warranty covers the compressor and a 5-year limited warranty covers all other components. The warranty only covers the cost of failed parts, and not the labor required to replace them.

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