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"Boiler Review March 2015"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

I do not know how long this boiler has been in use, but it is in my apartment building. My apartment is always cold. I hate how cold it is and I can't stand it. I get very cold very easily and my boiler hardly even helps with the problem. You would think it would be better as my apartment is on the second floor of my building and as heat rises, you would think that my apartment would also get warmer from the apartments below me, but this is not the case. For me, this is entirely disappointing. I have spoken with my landlord about this, and he has had maintenance take a look at it. Maintenance has said there is no problem, but I can't believe that this is true. All I know is that in the past year, my boiler has not been broken.

Cleveland, Oh

"Best Boiler I have Owned in the past years and I am one happy customer!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I bought my Lennox Complete Home HM30 Boiler a few years ago. It was a replacement from one I had for years. Same brand name. I knew it was my first choice because the other one lasted for so long. It was actually one my parents had in the house I bought. I would recommend this brand to anyone.There are no dislikes at all.The customer service is always friendly. Installing it didn't take a lot of time either. I read a lot of reviews on this model and seemed what was best for me and I am glad I choose it. Thank you, Lennox, for keeping me & my family warm.


"My Lennox Boiler and how it is working."

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

I got my Lennox Complete Home HM30 approximately 8 and a half years ago. I have two opinions on this boiler. When the temperature in the winter is just a normal cold, which for the area where I live is around 32 degrees, it works fine. No problems, we are nice and warm. However, when we have those occasions where the temperature goes below, and it can get down to the teens at times, it does not work as well. When it is that cold, the boiler runs all the time but doesn't seem to be able to get us past 65 degrees. 65 degrees is ok but we have to wear sweaters or add space heaters. We have only had to have a few minor repairs that were somewhat inexpensive. I don't think I would recommend this model to a friend unless they lived somewhere where it didn't get below the freezing point. If I were to buy again, I might consider Lennox but not this particular model.

Vineland, NJ

"Crappiest water heater of all time"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I'm really disappointed in Lennox and the totally crappy product they sell. One year after warranty ran out it has been failing every 3 to 6 months costing another 3 to 500 dollars each time the plumber had to come out to fix the failing parts. I contacted Lennox and after sitting on phone waiting for half an hour they told me there was nothing they could or were prepared to do. Now the plumber is saying that it is going to cost another 500 for computer and much much more (whatever that is for the exhaust system) this is for an 8 year old system. I would never buy or go near a lennox system.

A McMurchy

Vancouver, BC

"HM30 system works great – when installed correctly"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

The Complete Heat system is a combination Boiler (water heater) furnace and hvac. Mine works great after 13 years, but the original contractor installed it incorrectly and the city inspector caught none of the mistakes. I had to fix the installation, not the system itself. Lennox does not support this system anymore, probably because the sold few and had lots of complaints. The boiler is still available from the oem supplier. Lennox contracted for the boiler from a European company that still makes this high-performance boiler, but with a different external look. Other parts are available on eBay. Based on what I saw with the contractor and inspector, the concept was just too new to them, they had poor or no training, and they did not read instructions. This year I have seen several new units this year from various brands that use the same concept as this one. Maybe the concept's time has finally come.

A. Belteu

Yorba Linda, CA

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