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"Very bad units"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought new home in 2012 with two Lennox units (upstairs and downstairs). In 4 years I am on the 5th evaporator coil (downstairs unit has been replaced twice in 4 years and upstairs has been replaced once). I have also had to replace one compressor and one compressor fan. These are lemon units. I would not a buy a Lennox product if they paid me.

N Peterson

Katy, TX

"Water leak"

3.0 rating

New furnace and air conditioner installed in March. When the air was turned on, I noticed water sitting on the unit. Called the company who installed it and they "fixed" it….not. Tubing is leaking outside of the pan.



"I had the same unit for 29 years"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Long service with little or no problems.

oliver jackson

Lakeland, FL

"Awful units / Worst customer service"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I recently purchased a Lennox AC coil Model Serial number (6011C45307) on 5/21/16 and used a licensed AC company for the installation. The unit failed in early May 2015, slightly less than 5 years. The unit was purchased with a 5-year warranty and installed using a licensed AC company. I replaced the unit with an identical unit in early May of 2016 and called Lennox regarding reimbursement for the unit with failed. Lennox proceeded to tell me that the part that failed really did not have a 5-year warranty. And since I bought the replacement part already, they would not reimburse me for the cost of the unit which clearly failed in less than 5 years. I am a degreed Mechanical Engineer and would say, you should never consider buying a Lennox product. They do not honor their warranties that are clearly written in their documents.

D. Wilson

Matthews, NC

"Loud oscillating rumble"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This roof package unit was installed in late August, 2015 and has been a problem from day one due to its deep pulsating oscillating rumble. It vibrates pictures on the walls, or a ladder leaning up against the house (1460 square foot house). The thought of having to endure this noise and inner ear disturbance for the next twelve years, winter and summer, is unbearable! You cannot sit anywhere outside the house without being disturbed by it, and you can also hear it from down the street. Lennox Corp. feigns concern, but to date has not been at all helpful; the local dealer has been paid their $10,960.00 so it is of no concern to them .

K. Thomas

Camp Verde, AZ

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