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"Beyond Repair Shortly after warranty expires"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I bought a house 6 years ago. It came with a brand new air-conditioner. We barely used this unit. Tops 2 months yearly while we are close to Lake Ontario. This year (2019) end of June we called the Reliance for maintenance. I was told that the compressor is "not working" and Reliance does not cover the replacement (despite I paid them monthly for years??? !!!). I chased and waited 3 days on the phone only to find out it is just 13 months out of warranty. I would never touch a Lennox again. Also, reliance maintenance service is an absolute rip off. Stay away both of them if you do not want to waste your money.



"Do not buy Lennox"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Do not purchase a Lennox HVAC system. I purchased one 6 years ago. I have owned homes for 48 years. I have never had to replace a condenser or any repair before 20-22 years. We paid nearly $1400 with the part warranty to repair the unit. I will never purchase another Lennox unit. Is this planned obsolescence? Is the fault of the installer? I only live in the home for less than half the year. We actually winter in that home, so how does the unit need this major repair in 6 years.

Deborah White

Raleigh, NC

"Don�t do it!!!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

6 years in a compressor motor failed, condenser fan motor failure, complete corrosion of wires and drip pan and electrical component fried. No wonder my provider doesn't carry this anymore

Crystal j

"Technician�s view of Lennox"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Do not buy Lennox. They will not sell parts to repair their units. They want contractors to register with them. As a technician ian, I don't install and as such do not need a contractors license. The problem with ac contractors doing repairs is that they make more money by selling you a new unit, instead of repairing. Homeowners can not buy parts to make repairs themselves as well. Do not buy a Lennox, it will cost you more in the long run.


Inglis, Fl

"Review of a Lennox Package unit"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I purchased a Lennox package unit which was installed 1/13/2016. The first year was not a very cold year in Memphis, and since I burn with a wood fireplace, it wasn't used a lot. It was used more in the summer. I turned the unit on the first time on Mother's Day of 2018 because my children were coming out for Mother's Day. It came on working, but as the day progressed, it kept getting hotter and hotter in the house. When the repairman came out, he said my condenser coil had a leak. He couldn't find the leak, so he had to use a dye to find it. It was not found. He then put Freon in it because some had leaked out. This was almost $700.00. We argued over the cost because I said the dye was a part not labor. He finally gave in on the argument, however I had to pay almost $300 to pay for the diagnostic charge and Freon and part of the dye. On 2/20/18, the fan was working outside on the unit, but no air was coming through the registers, nor was any air being pulled into the unit. I called them again. This time the blower unit, as well as the coils, are shot. Of course Freon has leaked too. I would never have purchased a Lennox, except for the fact that Trane and Carrier were way too expensive. I have had the service manager out here to let them know I don't want the piece of junk and that it is a lemon. They finally told me that I could either pay $5000.00 more to get a Trane, which I had already paid $7200.00 for the Lennox junk. I told him no way was I going to pay more for a Trane, since that would be over $1200.00 and the Trane would not have cost me that much in the beginning. They are going to fix it for no labor charge. I still don't want this piece of junk. Lennox will not take their equipment back under any circumstances. I have a second unit for the rest of the house that is 20 years old and no problems.

karen swinford


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