Lennox Merit Central Air Conditioners

Lennox Merit Air Conditioner Overview

Today the Lennox Merit Series consists of two air conditioner models: the 13ACX and the 14ACX. The 13ACX has a SEER of 13 while the 14ACX can reach a SEER of 14 and is Energy Star-qualified. The manufacturer calls this series an “economical” option for efficiently cooling your home.

The Merit air conditioners employ a high-efficiency scroll compressor and direct-drive fan. This fan is precision-balanced for longevity and quiet operational noise. Merit units are designed to work with the manufacturer’s indoor dehumidification system, Humiditrol.

The outdoor coil transfers heat efficiently and is protected by a PermaGuard cabinet. This cabinet is made of heavy-gauge galvanized steel and has louvered coil guards. Furthermore, the base pan is protected from corrosion by its zinc-coating.

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Consumer Reviews of Lennox Merit


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Lennox Merit Air Conditioner Reviews

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"Bad product – don't buy!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The unit was installed new on 7/2/2014. It stopped cooling on 9/23/2014 (less than 90 days). The tech said it was low on coolant and possibly had a leak, and he would perform a search. On 9/25, he searched for a leak. He said it was a bad coil and he would order a replacement. The outside unit kicks on loudly and the unit runs loudly. I complained to the tech/company several times to no avail. The company that installed the unit was helpful after I wrote an email about the poor unit & their service, and about not following up with me when the unit first broke down. They did provide an all-inclusive 10-year contract that states I will not have to pay any amount for any future problems. They also provided a complimentary one year contract on both of my units. Now it's winter and the unit doesn't warm the room as well as my old unit did. I was comfortable with the thermostat set at 68 on the old unit, but the new one requires at least a setting of 76. This is ridiculous. My last unit was a Trane. Don't buy this product.

Jacquelyn Burns

Atlanta, GA


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This product is not reliable or efficient. I have had nothing but problems with this product from day one. I wish I had gone another brand. Because of lack of quality control in this product has cost me (electric bill, time from work etc.). Bottom line, I should have done much more research than I did.

Alan Thompson


"13ACD-030-230-01 and 13ACD-042-230-01"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

My two ac units came with our new home in 2006. On 5/7/10 a bad condenser motor had to be replaced on the upstairs for $305.00. On 4/29/11 Repaired a leak on the e-Coil on the downstairs unit for $346.00. On 7/30/12 I had to replace a 5mfd capacitor and a blower capacitor for $487.00. Seems that either Lennox' products are inferior or the repair company is taking me for a ride. Which is more likely?

Ted Dale

Indian Trail, NC

"Don't Expect Lennox to Help"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Ran fine and efficient for 3 years but freon leaked out over time. Lennox says even though it has a 5 year part warranty, freon is not covered. Repair tech discovered valve coil separated and managed to solder it and that cost $550 for new freon. Tech said it was a defect by manufacturer but no matter to Lennox, not covered. After the third repair I elected to get an extended warranty that covers any and all repairs just to protect myself from trying to get Lennox to back their sorry product. I have discouraged several friends and family members from buying Lennox.

kenneth hage

georgetown, tx

"Merit Series"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Beware of this company. I have seen 5 homes on my street with the same unit all starting to die around the same time. Seven years is not a longtime for an a/c unit compressor.



Other Merit Reviews

Reviews on Lennox Merit air conditioners are varied. One contributor to an hvac-talk.com discussion forum suggests that this is a bottom-of-the-line unit. He cites problems such as an exposed coil, a stamped top and noisy operation. However, a homeowner posting a review of the product says that the “solidly built” 13ACX is a good value for what it is. Dealers emphasize the need for homeowners to work with a well-respected dealer for a good installation and to understand the details of the warranty.

Merit Warranty

The Lennox websites indicate the unit is covered by a 5-year limited warranty on covered parts and homeowners may be able to purchase a 10-year limited extended warranty. Online registration is required for full warranty terms to apply. Homeowners should discuss warranty information with the dealer for clear details and consider additional purchases that are needed for the warranty to apply.

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