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Lennox HS26 Air Conditioner Overview

The Lennox Elite HS26 is a high-efficiency residential split system condensing unit with a cooling efficiency of up to 14.8 SEER. The HS26 is made with a Copeland scroll compressor for precise temperature regulation. All units have a single-phase PSC fan motor and a high-efficiency outdoor coil providing low air resistance. Such features have enabled this Lennox unit to reach Energy Star compliance.

According to the m manufacturer, sound production during operation is reduced in the HS26 by the insulated compressor compartment. Additionally, the direct-drive fan is optimally balanced for quiet function. These features, as well as the use of sound dampening materials, are part of the HushTone design in the Lennox Elite series, which is intended to minimize vibration and keep operational sound production below 74 decibel.

With a corrosion-resistant cabinet and baked-on finish, the HS26 is made durable to weather extremes. Lennox suggests that the unit’s reliability is enhanced by the integration of the line’s heating, cooling and indoor air quality products. The HS26 unit can be mounted on a slab or rooftop and refrigerant lines can be installed vertically or horizontally.

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Consumer Reviews of Lennox HS26


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  • 37.5% of customers recommended

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Lennox HS26 Air Conditioner Reviews

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"Lennox Leaking Coils"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We have 2 units in our home: 1.Purchased hs26-060 8/26/05 & 2.Purchased xc15 Model 8/28/07. In October 2011, installing dealer found both units coils leaking refrigerant and recommended replacement. Both units are covered under a 10 year warranty so replacement now will cost us nothing. However, we are concerned because the dealer wants to install uv lights and humidifier in both systems at our expense saying this will eliminate the problem of coils leaking. More importantly, we are concerned about our exposure after the warranties expire.

D. Whitaker

Bentonville, AR


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The worst ever! Do not ever buy it'. It will be a very costly mistake. The company will not help you with anything. If the house comes with a Lenox unit, DO NOT BUY THE HOUSE ' the unit will go down. The compressor went down every year, even if the compressor is in warranty you will still have to pay as much as the compressor is for labor. On the top of that they do anything they can not to refund the contractor for the bad compressor. The worst company I have ever dealt with producing the worst and the most not reliable products. On the top of that every contractor in my area that I have talked with do not like dealing with them.

Bob Evans

Atlanta, GA

"Nothing but Trouble"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This unit ran great for the first couple of years then went straight down hill from there. Although I get routine maintenance twice per year it still performs poorly. Always something wrong every year there is an expense Capp went out, then blower motor went out, then something else all the time. Now R22 leak is the latest some minimal warranty coverage but a very poor quality product. I will never buy another Lennox! You couldn't even give me one.

R. Eitab

Tampa FL

Other HS26 Reviews

There are mixed reviews on the web about the Lennox Elite air conditioner series. Many reviews are quite positive, especially regarding the unit’s quiet functioning and money savings. Complaints of the product are linked to the quality of installation while others are parts-related.

Among those parts complaints is one posted on consumer forum justanswer.com, in which a homeowner notes that his 10-year-old air conditioner suddenly began making a loud noise during its run time. A consulting contractor ultimately discovered that the unit’s compressor had begun to fail.

Lennox HS26 Model Numbers

The HS26 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER BTUs per Hour
HS26-024* 13.1 25,200
HS26-030* 13.15 31,200
HS26-036* 13.2 36,000
HS26-042* 13.15 43,000
HS26-048* 13.1 50,000
HS26-060* 13 60,000

HS26 Warranty

Lennox offers a 10-year limited warranty on the compressor and a 5-year limited warranty on all remaining parts. Homeowners must note that in order for the compressor to be considered within warranty, all major components, namely the indoor blower and coil, must match.

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