Lennox 14ACX Central Air Conditioners

Lennox 14ACX Air Conditioner Overview

The Lennox 14ACX is a single-stage air conditioner with an efficiency rating that meets or exceeds 14.00 SEER. It features a scroll compressor and a high-efficiency outdoor coil which provides increased heat transfer. A direct-drive fan is designed for quieter operation and keeps sound levels as low as 76 dB. The PermaGuard cabinet is constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel with baked-on powder finish and a zinc-coated steel base to provide protection against rust and corrosion. The 14ACX is designed to work with the Humiditrol whole-home dehumidification system to help maintain optimal moisture levels.

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Consumer Reviews of Lennox 14ACX


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  • #9 of 22 Lennox Air Conditioner
  • 21.43% of customers recommended

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Lennox 14ACX Air Conditioner Reviews

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"So far so good"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

Great unit, cools well. The only concern is with the short run times but for the most part it's a great unit.

Emre Yurttas

College Station, TX

"Has a mind of it's own."

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

I've owned my air conditioner for going on 3 years. It seems like it has a mind of its own. Even when I set the air conditioner for a specific temperature, sometimes it will cut on and be successful, but sometimes it just runs and runs without doing any good at all. It has never been looked at to be repaired or replaced, but I am not sure that anything could be fixed; it seems like it is constantly running without doing its job. I would not buy this brand of air conditioner again. Although, I shouldn't be surprised that it doesn't work very well, because it is a budget brand, after all. I haven't had any other issues with it. When it does work, it works very well and very fast, but taking the chance of it not working very well on days when it is very hot or very cold is not my idea of getting a bargain.

Greenbrie, TN

"Felix Pan"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchased Centex brand new house on 10/2011. Came with Lennox a/c model no. 14Acx-030-230-11. 5/11/2014 a/c stopped blowing cold air. Called a/c company. Cost me $600+ to install start kit. 410A refrigerant very low. Tech partially charged refrigerant the a/c . Cost me $800+ for leak detection. On 6/27 a/c tech found leak on the interior of the Condenser Coil . a/c cooling down to 1. Almost empty. Lennox would only cover part. I have to pay labor which was way too much in addition to what I already paid to the a/c Co. I'd rather buy new unit of different brand. I don't trust Lennox anymore. It would just cost me more money if I stayed with Lennox. I know there is a class action suit filed by different Attorney against Lennox for Evaporator coil leak. On 7/1/2014 purchased Goodman a/C. 14 seer, 2 1/2 ton, 410a refrigerant. Warranty: Lifetime compressor, 10 yr parts- only good on purchase made on 7/1/2014. Installed on 7/2. Also a/c tech sealed all vents inside the house and sealed ducts up in the attic. Price: $5770.00. Issue with Lennox, I will find an attorney.

Felix Pan

Elk Grove, CA


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Had a Lennox Central Air Conditioner unit(4 tons). The condenser coil on the outside unit has a leak. All the refrigerant had to be replaced, plus labor to the tune of over $1000. Yes, the warranty covered the part of the coil, but the labor and the refrigerant is not covered. I had two different licensed A/C techs out and they both said that the condenser coil almost never leaks. It is always the evaporator coil. They said it was most definitely a manufacturer defect that caused the problem. I talked to a Lennox person and he was of no help at all. He was actually a little snobbish. If they are supposed to be such good units, then why did mine fail in just over two years? Well, actually it failed before 2 years, but it took a while for all the refrigerant to leak out. Without that happening, we didn't even know there was a problem. Lennox units are not very good. Stay away. We only used them because the builder put them in. I would invite any Lennox person to try and refute my story. The manufacturing number of my crappy unit to back up my story was: 14acx-048-230-01 and the Serial number was 5807b35067. So, if a Lennox guy is reading this look it up and your computer and try and figure out why you build such crappy A/C units.

Eric Herring

Other 14ACX Reviews

A consumer on hvac-talk.com choosing between the 14ACX and another Lennox model with a higher SEER was told by several professional members that the units are almost the same, but the other unit is quieter than the 14ACX. Several members on other threads state that the Lennox is a well-built unit, although there were a couple of negative comments about it being made in Mexico.

14ACX Warranty

Product registration is required within 60 days of installation for maximum warranty coverage. The warranty for the Lennox 14ACX air conditioner is comprised of the following:

  • 10-year limited warranty on the compressor
  • 10-year limited warranty on parts

If product is not registered within 60 days, the warranty reverts to 5 years on the compressor and parts. An Extended Limited warranty and a Complete Care Plus Extended warranty, which covers parts and labor, are also available.

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