Lennox 14ACX Central Air Conditioners

Lennox 14ACX Air Conditioner Overview

The Lennox 14ACX is a single-stage air conditioner with an efficiency rating that meets or exceeds 14.00 SEER. It features a scroll compressor and a high-efficiency outdoor coil which provides increased heat transfer. A direct-drive fan is designed for quieter operation and keeps sound levels as low as 76 dB. The PermaGuard cabinet is constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel with baked-on powder finish and a zinc-coated steel base to provide protection against rust and corrosion. The 14ACX is designed to work with the Humiditrol whole-home dehumidification system to help maintain optimal moisture levels.

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  • #9 of 22 Lennox Air Conditioner
  • 21.43% of customers recommended

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Lennox 14ACX Air Conditioner Reviews

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1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Home built in 2010 – 2014 had to do over $500 in maintenance, 2015 replaced downstairs blower (no covered by warranty) = $500, October 2016 replaced upstairs coil & blower = $2150 – May 2017 the entire upstairs unit is out. Spent already $3150 and now have to decide if I'm going to keep fixing this unit or just buy a new one? I'm going to cancel our summer vacation and buy a new brand that has a 10 year warranty because Lennox only has a 5 year which should tell you how crappy their product is. If your building a new house, do not let them put a Lennox brand in, its worth it to upgrade. If you have a Lennox unit, you can keep repairing it but when your a/c guy tells you he would be more comfortable if I asked for a second opinion because he doesn't want to keep taking my money on repairs – that tells me a lot. Do not buy a house that has this system unless they are going to reduce the price by at least $10,000 because you will be buying a new a/c system to replace this junk product.

jacob a.

Missouri City, TX

"Lennox Air System"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

New Lennox heat and air system installed in May 2013 this year it worked well, 2014 worked well and 2015 worked well. In June 2016 we had to have 5 pounds of Freon add at the cost of $391.00 the service man said he need to run a pressure test/leak test done to see were it was leaking when the air system wasn't in use. We didn't have that test run looking at my notes I didn't write down the cost of that test. I turned it on our air system this May to check to see if the system was going to work before it got hot here in Oklahoma. It didn't call the service company and they sent a man out to check the system again and it was low on Freon and the condenser was leaking. They weren't going to charge for the condenser but were going to charge for the labor over $800.00. They are trying to get a hold of the Lennox Company for them to pay for the service call and the condenser this air conditioner at two years old has given us trouble there won't be another Lennox in my home. I will pass the word onto anyone that may need a new system not to chose Lennox.

Nancy Yoachum


"Failed after one summer – terrible customer service"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Built new house and the AC unit worked for the first summer. Turned AC on for the first time this May and no cold air and the unit was making terrible noise. HVAC repairman said it needed to replace the compressor and the part was covered but not the labor. Then they charged me $250 to replace the Freon that was not a part. Well Freon sure is not labor. Calling Lennox, wait times are over an hour and they just tell you to fill out a form and they will get back to you. It took two months and they just said too bad. Tried calling back to get a supervisor to speak with and after waiting another hour they just transfer you to a supervisor's voicemail but he never calls back. Stay away from Lennox.

Steven K

Pittsburgh, PA

"If only I could give zero stars"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

System worked for one summer. At the start of the second summer it failed. Now I know why they don't offer any service warranty and only offer parts warranty for one year. I am now having to spend$1300 to get a brand new air conditioner repaired after it worked for only one summer. Their "customer support" was completely useless as the guy, **** *********, just kept talking like he was reading from a manual rather than hearing my concerns. Run the other way.


Durham, NC

"Contractor grade, low end, but has been fairly reliable."

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

About what you'd expect in upper-median-priced new construction (2007). It is a 14 SEER unit and has thus far (9 years) provided reasonable performance. We had to have the "a" coil replaced at 4 years. The coil itself was under warranty though we had to pay the $2000 labor. Yes, it was a fairly laborious task in a scalding hot attic, but $2000 still seemed a bit much. We checked around though and learned that the labor price was not out of line. Yesterday (unit is now 9 years old) I had to replace the fan/compressor motor-start capacitor. This is an approximately $15 part (cde # 10035-12) that you can get from Amazon & replace yourself or else you can pay your A/C guy $289 to do it for you. I did mine myself, took 5 minutes, but can understand how most folks would be intimidated by technical/mechanical/electrical stuff & pay someone to do it for them. Overall it's been a good unit for a small home (1600 square feet) but now at 9 years old it likely hasn't much service life remaining. I'll be happy if I get another year or 2 out of it, which in reality is a typical replacement interval (10-12 years) for most major appliances. It cools our home very well and slowing the blower fan down to medium speed (as recommended by our A/C guy) made a grand improvement in keeping us comfortable in the hot South Texas summers. Considering it's a low-end model, it has performed well & thus is probably good bang for the least buck. The early failure of the original coil was the only disappointment.

B. Garfinkle

Katy, TX

Other 14ACX Reviews

A consumer on hvac-talk.com choosing between the 14ACX and another Lennox model with a higher SEER was told by several professional members that the units are almost the same, but the other unit is quieter than the 14ACX. Several members on other threads state that the Lennox is a well-built unit, although there were a couple of negative comments about it being made in Mexico.

14ACX Warranty

Product registration is required within 60 days of installation for maximum warranty coverage. The warranty for the Lennox 14ACX air conditioner is comprised of the following:

  • 10-year limited warranty on the compressor
  • 10-year limited warranty on parts

If product is not registered within 60 days, the warranty reverts to 5 years on the compressor and parts. An Extended Limited warranty and a Complete Care Plus Extended warranty, which covers parts and labor, are also available.

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