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Lennox 13ACC Merit Air Conditioner Overview

The Lennox 13ACC Merit air conditioner is a discontinued split-system unit reaching 14.8 SEER with capacity ranging from 1 ½ to 5 tons. Around its launch in 2002, the unit was Energy Star-qualified, had earned the Good Housekeeping Seal and was considered by the manufacturer to be very reliable due to the simplicity of its few moving parts.

The 13ACC resists rust and corrosion due to its heavy-gauge galvanized steel cabinet, which has a baked-on finish. A Copeland scroll compressor helps optimally control the unit’s air temperature. The direct-drive fan is balanced to ensure slow function and, therefore, quiet operation.

In order to protect the unit from damaging moisture, drainage holes are placed in the base pan, and the condenser coil is protected by a non-corrosive PVC-coated steel wire guard. Also, if the system needs to be accessed, the reusable service valves enable the unit to go into a preferred pump down cycle instead of being pumped out.

For pressure equalization, this unit is designed for fixed orifice systems. However, expansion valve kits can be ordered to help the unit attain higher refrigerant effect, capacities and efficiencies.

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Consumer Reviews of Lennox 13ACC Merit


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Lennox 13ACC Merit Air Conditioner Reviews

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"Great reliable unit"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

This unit came new with our new Home purchase in 2005. Up until this year all I've ever had to replace was a $50 capacitor. This week the fan motor went out but I was able to replace it myself for $200 in about 1hr. All in all not bad considering the unit has been in use for 12 years now.

Chris Martinez

Houston, TX

"Bought a lemon"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I would not buy a Lennox again. Our 3-year-old unit is not working. We have already spent over $1,000 in labor (a new compressor and disconnect box). Lennox refuses to replace the unit and will not reimburse for the labor costs. It's been 3 weeks of sweating and we're not any closer to getting the thing fixed. Do not buy a Lennox !

George Ball

Woodbridge, VA


5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

My neighbor replaced his 13yr old a/c and furnace with new Lennox units.He advised another neighbor about how pleased he was with Shumates service and that neighbor got the same units from Shumate. That neighbor was also very pleased with Shumates service and advised me. I then had Shumate install the same units at my house (all the houses in this subdivision are similar). The workmen arrived on time and completed my installation in 4 hrs. They were neat, efficient and cleaned everything up. They were totally professional, explained everything to me and I was completely happy with their work. I will recommend Shumate to others in my sd who are having trouble with their old systems. My gas and electric bills are noticeably lower.

Charles H. Cole

2830 Sterling Creek Pointe, Snellville, Ga 30078

"Compressor Only Lasted 6 Years"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I am not pleased with this air conditioner. The compressor on my new Lennox went out in 6 years. I bought a new house so I wouldn't have to deal with problems like this. What a shame, the Lennox company can't make a quality product.

L. Miura

Fresno, CA

"Outdoor fan broke down in three years out of ten years warranty, Dealer denying warranty"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I don't have a problem with the previous ac I upgraded my furnace to high efficiency and decided to do the same thing with my ac thinking Lennox is a great product with good dealers selling the product but I was wrong. My ac out door fan broke down only 3 years out of ten year warranty dealer denied warranty asking me to pay for the part $420.00 + 111.00 diagnostic test plus labor $220.00 and kept ditching me to instillation time too much stress,its going on Wednesday evening until Friday evening. Company finally honor only warranty in parts but I still have to pay the rest. Hope its not going to break again.

Bernadine Betita

Toronto ontario Canada

Other 13ACC Merit Reviews

In many online review forums, the Merit Series is considered to be very quiet and durable, as well as affordable and an overall good quality product. However, there are a number of issues reported with the Merit series regarding faulty valves, coil leaks, and compressor and fan problems. It is important to note annual maintenance and quality installation is essential in order to keep the Lennox 13ACC at its optimum performing condition.

Lennox 13ACC Merit Model Numbers

The 13ACC Merit is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER BTUs per Hour
13ACC-018-230* 13 19,800
13ACC-024-230* 13 24,600
13ACC-030-230* 13.1 30,800
13ACC-036-230* 12.8 36,600
13ACC-037-230* 13.35 35,600
13ACC-042-230* 13.05 40,000
13ACC-047-230* 13.05 45,500
13ACC-048-230* 12.4 48,000
13ACC-060-230* 12.65 61,000

13ACC Merit Warranty

The Lennox 13ACC Merit air conditioner comes with a 5-year limited warranty on the compressor. All other covered parts are covered for 1 year. The warranty certificate lists the specifics of the covered components.

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