Laars Mini-Therm Boiler Overview

The Laars Mini-Therm boiler is a gas-fired residential hydronic boiler series. This series is available in two models, the JVS spark ignition and JVH hot surface ignition with induced draft. Both models can be equipped with natural or propane gas.

The Mini-Therm JVS line offers 85 percent AFUE in six different models with either single or two-stage heating. Energy-saving components of this model include a low/high function that allows homeowners to set the amount of heat disbursed, a built-in draft diverter to retain more air, and automatic vent damper.

Similar to the JVS, the JVH product line is manufactured in six models, but is only available with single-stage heating. This model is equipped with a hot surface ignition system, induced draft system and offers up to 83 percent AFUE.

Both the JVS and JVH product lines feature the Laars copper tube heat exchanger with small cast-iron wet-walls to increase functionality, low-mass heat exchanger and quick heating response.

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Laars Mini-Therm Boiler Reviews

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"Run from Laars"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

My Laars Mini Therm boiler is 4 or 5 years old. Last year I spent $1.200 in repairs. This year the unit broke down in mid November and service people are uncertain what the problem is after 8 hours. The house is very cold and I am very dissatisfied. If the unit can be repaired I will hope it runs until next fall when I replace it. Laars is not on my list of brands I'll be looking at and I will warn everyone in the market for a boiler to avoid anything built by Laars.

R O'Brennan

Chilliwack, BC

Other Mini-Therm Reviews

Several consumers around the web post negative comments and concerns regarding the Mini-Therm boiler�s performance. Forums such as and have several posts indicating homeowners purchased “lemon” units; these consumers mentions their units have repeatedly broken down over the years.

Frequent errors reported with the Mini-Therm include system lockouts, melted electronic controls and failing rollover switches and other components. Costly repairs and the frequent resurfacing of these troubleshooting issues are common grievances aired by homeowners in other review forums. Contractors attribute some of these problems to poor venting, and others to the unit itself. also rates Laars systems poorly, stating the warranty coverage is not as good as other brands and the components may not be as durable.

LAARS Mini-Therm Model Numbers

The Mini-Therm is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
JVS050ND* 84.4 50000
JVS050PD* 85.4 50000
JVS075ND* 84 75000
JVS075PD* 85.2 75000
JVS100ND* 84 100000
JVS100PD* 85 100000
JVS125ND* 83 125000
JVS125PD* 84.5 125000
JVS160ND* 83 160000
JVS160PD* 84.8 160000
JVS225ND* 83.2 225000
JVS225PD* 85 225000

Mini-Therm Warranty

Laars provides a 1-year limited warranty for all parts. In addition, the integral storage tank is equipped with a 10-year limited warranty and the primary heat exchanger is covered on a pro-rated basis for 20 years after the installation date.

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