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Laars Endurance Boiler Overview

The Endurance line of boilers is manufactured by Laars for residential applications. Endurance boilers are gas-fired and are either hydronic or a combination boiler/water heater. The boilers may be powered by natural or propane gas; there are six models in the Endurance line. Four models are hydronic boilers and two are the combination models. Laars is owned by the Bradford White Corporation.

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Laars Endurance Boiler Reviews

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"Definitely not reliable"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We purchased and had this unit installed in January 2000. It is fired with natural gas. The only reason we replaced it was to switch from oil to gas. The old oil boiler was 35 years old and worked without the need for any repairs, other than a once-a-year maintenance check. This Endurance EBP unit has been problematic since day 1. You name it, almost every single component has failed on the unit during the last 14 years, starting with the first year of ownership. We abandoned the idea of using it as an on-demand domestic hot water in the first year, and had a storage water tank piped into the system. Then, venting through the liner in the chimney caused too much condensation, so it was later vented horizontally with a stainless steel vent out the side of the house. Igniters (yes multiple), water flow control, control board, and unexplained lockouts have been repeated issues. About 3 years ago, the heat exchanger failed and we had to install an indirect hot water tank as a separate zone. Just about every year there has been another problem with this boiler. Never purchase any Laars product.

F. Marino

Falls Church, VA

"Nightmare boilers"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I bought the house one year ago in Brooklyn. There are two Laars boilers in my house – one is for the 1st and 2nd floor, the other one in for the 3rd floor. The first one broke 3 times in one year and the second one broke once in a year. I talked to my neighbors and figured out that 3 of our neighbors have the same boilers. So each house has 2 boilers and there are 4 houses, including my house; therefore, there are 8 boilers. The reason why the same boilers are in the 4 houses is because they were built by the same company. I talked to my neighbors about the boilers and they said they just keep breaking every year. Laars is a piece of shit. The computer board, the sensor, the ignitor and more are not working. Avoid Laars or it's your nightmare.


Brooklyn, NY

"Worst boiler on the market"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Boiler is 10 years old and I have had to replace the ignitor every year and half. I have had constant lock out problems and repairs that are now up to almost 2k. I have to look at the display every morning when I go to work and when I return to see if its locked out. What a poorly designed product.




5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I live near Burlington VT and have installed over 30 of these in many applications including primary secondary loop systems, Heatmaker retro fits, new homes (etc). If the plumber installs it correctly and an experienced technician starts it they can be as trouble free as any other and better reliability than most of the beer-can boilers claiming 95% efficiency.


burlington vt

"Has tech issues"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

I have two of these boilers installed in a San Francisco 2-Flat building. Both started having random lockout issues from the beginning, initially about once or twice a year, now about once or twice a week. A few months ago, both started having ignition issues, so I replaced the igniters on both. That helped for a while, but recently one unit starting having severe ignition issues. Having two, I started swapping components between the two units to determine the source of the problem. Swapped gas valves, problem stayed with the boiler. Swapped boiler control circuit boards, problem stayed with the boiler. I need to do more research to determine what else could cause the gas vale to not open or go shut while operating. I noticed that Z1 zener diode on both circuit boards has been fried (smells bad, obvious soot around/above the component), so I called Laars tech support to learn what other component in the boiler would cause that failure and got the answer "we don't troubleshoot individual components, just replace the ($421) circuit board. It probably failed due to condensate." Lotsa help they were. A few more problems… nobody seems to have these things out west, so all parts need to come from online dealers in New England. And they require hookup to the potable water system via a backflo preventer… annual cost to certify those valves.. $400. I am looking for a replacement boiler that can operate on glycol. It won't be a Laars.


San Francisco, CA

Other Endurance Reviews reveals an interesting discussion about a Laars Endurance boiler. The homeowner is interested in installing a combination model to supply heating and enough hot water for a whirlpool bath. An installer mentions that Laars is a reliable brand, but that many other brands are reliable also.

One consumer mentions a problem with a Laars Endurance boiler and asks for help on The boiler will not turn on; an HVAC expert responds saying it may be a problem with the outdoor sensor. The consumer decides to call a technician.

Customers can write in to and some companies have actual representatives that will respond. A Laars customer service representative took part in a discussion about a faulty flow switch on an Endurance boiler. Laars has redesigned the flow switch several times in an effort to prevent leaking. The customer was able to locate an acceptable replacement for an affordable price.

LAARS Endurance Model Numbers

The Endurance is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
EBP110 85.5 108200
EBP175 86.1 175300
EDN-110 85.5 108200
EDN-175 85.1 175300
EDP110 85.5 108200
EDP175 86.1 175300

Endurance Warranty

Laars Endurance boilers have a one-year limited warranty for all parts. The heat exchanger and the storage tank carry a ten-year limited parts warranty. In addition, the heat exchanger is covered on a prorated basis for years eleven through twenty after the installation date. Labor costs are not covered by the warranty.

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