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Laars Endurance Boiler Overview

The Endurance line of boilers is manufactured by Laars for residential applications. Endurance boilers are gas-fired and are either hydronic or a combination boiler/water heater. The boilers may be powered by natural or propane gas; there are six models in the Endurance line. Four models are hydronic boilers and two are the combination models. Laars is owned by the Bradford White Corporation.

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Laars Endurance Boiler Reviews

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"Save your money"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

When we built our new home, we had a Laars Endurance boiler installed. After 17 service calls in less than 5 years, the plumber who installed it said it must be a lemon so Laars replaced it with a new unit. We've had 7 service calls on the second unit in 5 years. The latest serviceman has tried replacing the control module and another part but has yet to get it working. He is currently checking with Tech Support.

J Pintek

Las Vegas, NM

"This unit should not be on the market."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I've owned this unit for 11 years and spent thousands of dollars to keep it going every year. I think it's time to change it out.


New York


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Furnace needs expensive repairs every year. Company doesn't return calls. What a big mistake purchasing this furnace was. Will be replacing it with anything else!


Vernon, CT

"Not sure if this helps, but"

3.0 rating

We've had our Endurance running on propane for over 10 years with no repair or maintenance cost (never serviced for anything). Main thing is we ignore some problems like the temporary ( a few seconds) hot water cut out. I grew up on electric hot water where we completely ran out if the shower was too long. I do notice that almost every time the unit sits for a long while without using heat, and then heat is called for (like in the early fall or for a late spring cold snap), it will lock out or fault, sometimes a few times. If I simply restart the one, two, or three times it seems to burn off whatever the problem is and eventually the problem goes away and it works fine again. We have an old Lennox Pulse 1 for an older portion of the house on LP that does the same thing.


Weare, NH

"Cheap and unreliable"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I've had two generations of Laars equipment. I bought the second because it meant I didn't have to pay for a lot of associated re-plumbing. I could just drop in the replacement unit. What a mistake. The small amount of money I saved up front meant I had to spend another decade beholden to this company's unreliable equipment. It is very hard to find people who know their gear and won't gouge you (I'm in the Boston area). Spent time directly with Laars on the phone and they were completely unhelpful.

Very frustrated

Boston, MA

Other Endurance Reviews reveals an interesting discussion about a Laars Endurance boiler. The homeowner is interested in installing a combination model to supply heating and enough hot water for a whirlpool bath. An installer mentions that Laars is a reliable brand, but that many other brands are reliable also.

One consumer mentions a problem with a Laars Endurance boiler and asks for help on The boiler will not turn on; an HVAC expert responds saying it may be a problem with the outdoor sensor. The consumer decides to call a technician.

Customers can write in to and some companies have actual representatives that will respond. A Laars customer service representative took part in a discussion about a faulty flow switch on an Endurance boiler. Laars has redesigned the flow switch several times in an effort to prevent leaking. The customer was able to locate an acceptable replacement for an affordable price.

LAARS Endurance Model Numbers

The Endurance is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
EBP110 85.5 108200
EBP175 86.1 175300
EDN-110 85.5 108200
EDN-175 85.1 175300
EDP110 85.5 108200
EDP175 86.1 175300

Endurance Warranty

Laars Endurance boilers have a one-year limited warranty for all parts. The heat exchanger and the storage tank carry a ten-year limited parts warranty. In addition, the heat exchanger is covered on a prorated basis for years eleven through twenty after the installation date. Labor costs are not covered by the warranty.

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