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Laars Endurance Boiler Overview

The Endurance line of boilers is manufactured by Laars for residential applications. Endurance boilers are gas-fired and are either hydronic or a combination boiler/water heater. The boilers may be powered by natural or propane gas; there are six models in the Endurance line. Four models are hydronic boilers and two are the combination models. Laars is owned by the Bradford White Corporation.

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Laars Endurance Boiler Reviews

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"The worst"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This unit has never missed a winter, not to break down. No one can work on it, and always replacing parts.

D . R.

Pittsburgh, PA

"Laars needs to stand by their products and parts"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I own a Laars Endurance and its six years old. I replaced just about every part in the heater/hot water maker. The plumbers that have worked on this so-called great product has cost me in the neighborhood of 6k in the last two years. I called Laars in Rochester NH to find out that the boiler is over 2 years old and they will not even warranty the boiler or the parts that were installed months ago. They said to me "no" and that the supervisor had told the representative we will not be able to help you. Where I come from customer service is a staple in any company. I am embarrassed by the treatment but happy to tell people that buying any product from this company will be costly and a big mistake, save your money and invest in something you did research on. You will not receive a quality product and they will not back their products or parts. If they called me tomorrow and offered me a free boiler I would tell them "no". I will file with the Better Business Bureau and also update my review so people will see this post. I cannot believe companies can get away with this sort of treatment.

michael cicale

Hampton, NH


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have a less than 10 year old Laars boiler. It needs the control part number 2400-439 replaced.this part if you can find it will cost you 1500.00 dollars. It is discontinued so you will need a retrofit part r2080802 that part is 1300.00 plus labor to install it. This repair will cost you 2 grand. These parts either one look like 100.00 dollar parts tops at 20000 dollars I've seen boilers complete for not much more. Laars is ripping people off on replacement parts. I Intend to let the dept of consumer protection and better business Bureau know about this.industrial repair parts do not cost as much as Laars is charging people for them. Don't buy Laars they are taking advantage of working class families buy charging them 10 times what the part should cost.and do not stand behind their products.

James filosa

Bristol, CT


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The boiler is very unreliable and requires never ending repairs. No support from dealer.

D. Daniel

Alberta, Canada

"Here we go again"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Once again high winds and temps of 3 degrees and of course my unit stopped working. Had techs out sevearl times thru stopped already spent thousands to keep it going. Last tech replaced the ignitor then 2 days later came back couldn't figure issue so opened air flow and was told leave cover open few inches wow so year later cant even afford a tech at this point let alone the repair.the guarantee for this machine is once u get frigid it breaks down. If anyone can help decipher what the problem may be or possibly help with repair please reply let me know totally fed up and discouraged at wits end the numbers on top are reading a value of. 78.6. Years had a lo code but cleared it. Any thoughts or help welcomed

Jenn c

New York

Other Endurance Reviews reveals an interesting discussion about a Laars Endurance boiler. The homeowner is interested in installing a combination model to supply heating and enough hot water for a whirlpool bath. An installer mentions that Laars is a reliable brand, but that many other brands are reliable also.

One consumer mentions a problem with a Laars Endurance boiler and asks for help on The boiler will not turn on; an HVAC expert responds saying it may be a problem with the outdoor sensor. The consumer decides to call a technician.

Customers can write in to and some companies have actual representatives that will respond. A Laars customer service representative took part in a discussion about a faulty flow switch on an Endurance boiler. Laars has redesigned the flow switch several times in an effort to prevent leaking. The customer was able to locate an acceptable replacement for an affordable price.

LAARS Endurance Model Numbers

The Endurance is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
EBP110 85.5 108200
EBP175 86.1 175300
EDN-110 85.5 108200
EDN-175 85.1 175300
EDP110 85.5 108200
EDP175 86.1 175300

Endurance Warranty

Laars Endurance boilers have a one-year limited warranty for all parts. The heat exchanger and the storage tank carry a ten-year limited parts warranty. In addition, the heat exchanger is covered on a prorated basis for years eleven through twenty after the installation date. Labor costs are not covered by the warranty.

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