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"Money pit"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This is a money pit. No one can fix it. I just keep putting parts in it. It has cost more to fix the furnace than what I paid for it. I wish I was still on baseboard heat. What a joke for a furnace. 3 different companies told me to face it; you bought a lemon.


Ontario, Canada

"KeepRite makes a terrible furnace"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I thought I would see savings in my heating bill after having a new KeepRite furnace installed. I totally regret having a KeepRite installed. It broke down almost immediately after installation. The burner assembly was defective and it took the technician almost a whole entire year to come and replace it. It was frustrating to flip the breaker on the panel every time it failed to light. In the meantime, the flue has been leaking water and has corroded. Rusty water rolls down the flue and into the furnace, requiring me to clean it every couple of months. Somehow the air that it blows is about room temperature, maybe slightly cooler. The cool-down fan is very loud. The technician told me I would get used to it. It's been four years and it still wakes me up.

D Collins

Vancouver, BC

"Seeing Red"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Installed the unit in Novembe,r 2003. It's been a total nightmare. The noise has kept me up for 10 years. The installer told me I would get used to the noise. I didn't. The motor is screeching again, followed by a burning smell. Either I replace the motor for the fourth time or buy a new furnace. I'm physically sick from the money I have spent on this. The furnace ran all the time and cost $6,000 extra in hydro, $500 for every motor replacement, and throw in another $1,000 in service calls. My furnace has cost me around $14,000 in 11 years. I have no choice but to replace it. It should have lasted 15-18 years. My old furnace lasted over 20 years with no worries. Keeprite executives should be arrested for stealing my money and turning me into an insomniac. Shame on you!

M Rogalsky

Ontario, Canada

"Fifth visit and blower still running and won't shut off. AC is inadequate."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Capital letters indicates yelling and I intend it to read that way. After 5 visits in 3 hot summer months, our blower is still running continuously and won't shut off. The a/c is barely adequate. Not dehumidifying well. Replaced circuit boards. $226.00 labour charge. Next 2 visits troubleshooting ended up with doing nothing but taking the cover off and it worked, for only a few hours. Then the problem recurred. Fourth visit after shutting the system down overnight, at the advice of our repair people. They couldn't replicate the problem, so did nothing again. Said they would try replacing the thermostat next time if the problem recurs. Within hours the problem was back. Called immediately and spoke to Carmen, a very rude and poor customer service receptionist. She arranged for a repairman to come after the long weekend (5 days,) on Tuesday between 9 -11am. Today is Tuesday. No show from repairman. Called gm air at 11:15 am and spoke to Adam. Carmen on vacation. Told we were not in their schedule. After yelling at (Adam) gm air, they will now come between 12-4pm today. Humidity reading is over 68 on bedroom level. 58 on main level. Have closed a lot of vents to send air up to 3rd level. No big improvement. We have a 3 ton unit and it is crap. No fresh air, it seems, in the house. Recirculating air only. Occasionally, the second blower kicks in, but not enough to make a difference to clear the air. Just cooling, but not reducing the humidity or freshening the air. Next step is to call an HVAC pro to assess and recommend to people to not use gm air for service. We installed this furnace in 2009 and recommended to three other people who also installed. We brought gm air all of this business and we are very dissatisfied.


Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

"Quiet & efficient"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I had a Keeprite furnace installed 4 months ago into my Mothers modest size home; approx 1800 sqft, and she's been as pleased with it as I am when I get a new car! Her old furnace was so noisy that she said it was actually keeping her awake a night to the point she would have to turn off the heat as she'd sleep, but the new one is very quiet where she can now sleep in silence & warmth. Furthermore I've seen a decrease of close to $50 in energy costs associated with her gas & hydro bills, which is great for me seeing as I'm paying them monthly. I'm hoping we don't experience some of the issues I see other people on here have had, but then again most people who write reviews are motivated to do so as a result of a bad experience. Fingers crossed!

Dan Clark


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