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"What models are we discussing"

3.0 rating

I come on here to read reviews when making a buying choice. I get it some models give people issues but how on earth are we to know which specific models are even being discussed here? That's why I find review boards like this a waste of time. People are talking about low end, mid- range and high end and we have no clue which ones they are referring to.

Mark D

Hamilton, ON

"Turning out to be a Lemon"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

I wrote a review back in 2015 already and now in late 2017 this furnace is turning out to be complete junk. Nothing but problems. The Exhaust motor went Jan 2017.Just barely made the 5 year warranty.. But when it was being installed apparently it was 10 years hassle free.. But not this model apparently.. Only a certain model was 10 year hassle free but they told me otherwise. Now I am a few months past the 5 year mark and it has 5 year and 10 year and 20 year on various parts but they don't list which parts except the exchanger is 20 years. So my new issue is turning out to be the motherboard/circuit board is screwed up.. We have problems intermittently, and never when the repair guy is here it always ends up working fine.. It was throwing off 1+2 error code.. The tech saw the video of me filming the error code and told me its normal.. But why is it listed in the error codes if its normal? After a tiny bit of research it turns out the circuit board is the culprit.. But they won't change it unless they see the error in person apparently.. Can't say I am too pleased.. They probably know exactly what is wrong with it too.. These furnaces are junk. Its kind of scary to think I got the keeprite A.c unit a few years ago.. Wonder what kind of bs that thing will be having at the 5 year mark..


Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

"10 years of Satisfied Service"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

As a Keeprite dealer and Installer I find most of the issues with Keeprite furnace are related to poor installation, over or undersized equipment and just lack of service. As with anything, make sure it is installed by a reliable, experienced contractor, someone who is familiar with the product and can provide service if required. I installed my Keeprite furnace 10 years ago and have had nothing but year round comfort and savings, I would recommend Keeprite to anyone looking to replace an old inefficient furnace.


Mississauga, Ontario

"Brand name appropriate"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Installed 2013, has not functioned properly, technician visits 3 times a year, only to break down again and again. Same troubles has previous reviews….and it continues to this day..


Tiny, Ontario

"My Keeprite Furnace is Great"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I feel so sorry for all the Keeprite owners. I read these reviews: "My Keeprite furnace would not come on". "Freezing my nuts off 8 deg Celsius some nights". Yes would power down and sometimes work and most times nope. Google how to unclog drain on high efficiency furnace. That's the problem. And it seems most of the the reviews same thing: won't come on. The drainage from the furnace is clogged so it screws up the pressure switch and I guess it shuts down. I thinks it's going to put co2 into the house. Just unclog the drainage part of your piece of crap Keeprite Furnace. And now you have a great Keeprite working High Efficiency Furnace. You can make up the best story to your wife. Yahooo! Plus you save a repair guy coming and wanting to replace an $1800 heat exchanger like someone who has a review in here only to stop working in a month.

paul weiner

Brampton, Ontario, Canada

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