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"Waiting for parts"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Have an ac unit for just over two years and three components die. One part has to come from States. Five Business days and counting. With heat wave, it's 30 degrees in my house. Never again, Keeprite. Should be Keepwrong!!!!!

S anta

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

"R-410A Split System Air Conditioner"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Do not in way buy KeepRite a/c had this one for three years and lucky if it`s ran a month without needing service (which is now becoming harder to get). Constantly leaking refrigerant, and from day 1 has been a lemon. Every time it`s turned on it needs refrigerant. Call to installer, yes we`ll put you on our list for service and we`ll get there sometime.

Bill Macaulay

Toronto Canada

"Don't Buy Keeprite, No-one helps with a problem"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We did a large addition. Our HVAC contractor and family friend suggested Keeprite; he was not a newbie (triple threat certified electric, gas fit and plumber). We said "OK". Furnace is a two stage unit and is great but the a/c broke after 5 years of service. My contractor friend had passed away since install. I looked for a Keeprite dealer to help when our a/c went down. They all wanted to tear it out and start new, even their dealers were trying to switch brands on us. They all wanted to sell us again instead of fixing our problem. When I asked Keeprite direct for help, i.e. send me someone to repair unit, they turned their back saying their warranty did not apply to seal failures on condenser; too bad, so sad. Well, this is no way to maintain a brand. Crappy service means no confidence in the product. ITW sold to United Technologies. Hope they do better.

C. Peri

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Central air and furnace"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Very satisfied Keeprite was put in 1978 no problems. Today I hear noise like a bearing, turned fan by hand seems ok ???

d. chapel

powerview,pinefalls, mb

"Don't expect it to last much past the the warranty"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We purchased a new furnace and air conditioner 9 years ago, both with standard 5 year warranties. Last year, after 7 years we had problems with both the furnace and air conditioner. Now after 8 years the air conditioner is done and leaking coolant. There is no guarantee of finding the leak and the process is costly so we are burdened with replacing the entire air conditioning system. You'd think an air conditioning unit would last longer than 8 years. I've done research and needless to say I'm not impressed with Keeprite nor any of the other consumer bands on the market.


Markham, On.

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