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1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Their website is horrible!!!!
Limited pictures and info.
I wouldn’t trust them.


"Great stove"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

This stove is well constructed, all heavy cast Iron plates over steel box. Firebrick lined on 4 sides is a huge plus. Large glass door with great view. You can fit an 18" log front to back with no problem, or 21" sideways. I like front to back for a very long cigar burn. I get a full 8 hours at over 300 degree temps with a full load of oak. It has a secondary burn which works fairly well. I have a blower option which is super quiet and effective, although I rarely need to use it. The stove produces excellent radiant heat, it also has convection hear along the sides. Simple operation with one single air control. It takes a little bit to heat up from cold as is has alot of area to heat up, but once it gets going its a producer for the entire night or day. 6" exhaust either top or rear with a simple change and two bolts. Includes a rear heat sheild for tight areas. Only negative I found was the side cast iron panels tend to loosen up, which needs the screws to be snugged up once in a while. I made thicker mounting plates to help with this as I believe they bend with heat and weight. Very minor issue, bought in 2018 and burned 4+ cords from oct to march. Clean.

Jeffrey Pasqua

Forked River, NJ

"3 years review F55"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I am 67 years old, burned wood all my life. I have Had many wood stoves, but none as good as this Jotul. Started a fire this morning after 14 hrs off of Coals, no fire starters. With seasoned hardwood that Is the norm, very high quality stove that works like it's Suppose to. Price was a little higher than some but Worth every penny.

Nug Ales


"Completely Dissatisfied."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought this Jotul insert 3 years ago and have had nothing but disappointment and issues since. 1. There is very little heat. Even with the fans blowing, the heat is limited to 10 feet around the insert. 2. The glass. I've replaced the glass twice already. The first time it cracked due to heat. The second time a piece of wood shifted slightly into it during a burn and it popped. 3. I've had to reseal the door with a new gasket every year. 4. The upper plates above the vapor tubes, have small ceramic plates inside of them, that pop out and shift up so that heat escapes during every burn. 5. The burn. Every time we burn wood, it burns very inefficiently, creating large burnt chunks and worst of all a tremendous amount of soot at the top of the chimney, requiring a chimney clean every year, if not twice a year.

Lou D.

Morris County, NJ

"Jotul's Customer Service Sucks :("

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Why is there no choice here for the natural gas fireplace? We bought a Jotul natural gas fireplace during Summer. To our dismay, it's first Winter it wouldn't work during power outages although Jotul boasts no electricity is required for it to operate, and then its remote stopped working meaning we lost its features in operating the fireplace. We then found Jotul and its dealer/installer severely lacking in customer service. They were repeatedly rude, proudly dismissive, grossly arrogant, cruelly impatient, had zero attentiveness, had bad communication skills, had no knowledge of the product, had no ability to use positive language, had no problem-solving abilities, and were decidedly unhelpful. To our later horror we discovered Jotul's dealer / installer didn't have all the required contractors licenses for the install they did. We only discovered this significant failure after we attempted to get warranty service from Jotul's dealer/installer. After we were not helped by Jotul's dealer/installer, we directly contacted Jotul. They didn't help us either. Nor did Jotul care that their dealer/installer they referred us to in writing failed to have all the required contractors licenses. As Seniors and Disabled Veterans, we definitely feel we were ripped-off by Jotul and Jotul's dealer / installer.

Disabled American Veteran

Reno, NV

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