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Janitrol Brand Overview

Janitrol Manufacturer Overview

The Janitrol brand was acquired by Goodman Manufacturing Co., which is owned by Daikin Industries Ltd. Goodman used to market “budget friendly” residential and commercial central air conditioners, furnaces and heat pumps under the Janitrol brand, but has since discontinued use of the Janitrol brand name and has consolidated the Janitrol line under the Goodman brand name instead. Daikin Industries Ltd. had net sales of approximately $18 billion in 2017.

Corporate History

The Janitrol trademark was first filed by Toledo, Ohio-based Surface Combustion Co. Inc. in 1930. Janitrol formed the company’s heating and air conditioning division. After a number of other transfers in ownership, Goodman purchased Janitrol in 1982 as its entryway into the HVAC market, but has not used the Janitrol brand name since 1992.

Prior to its purchase of Janitrol, Goodman had operated since 1954 as an HVAC contractor, and then a manufacturer of air ducts. According to information from Goodman, it purchased the Janitrol manufacturing equipment just as that company prepared to fold. Goodman was acquired by Daikin Industries Ltd. in 2012.

Product Lines

Janitrol marketed a line of residential and commercial central air conditioners, furnaces and heat pumps. These units were considered a “cost-effective” option for homeowners. Given the age of these units, most information online today about the Janitrol brand involves troubleshooting inquiries, although it’s worth noting that many units from this builder-grade brand are still in operation today. Janitrol parts are likewise still available from a number of dealers.

Heat pump options include the PH and PHK packaged heat pumps, as wella s the CPLT, the company’s highest efficiency heat pump series with a 13 SEER rating (since 2006, 13 has been the standard minimum SEER for any HVAC unit). Janitrol furnaces include the PG, PGB and PGX series, while air conditioners include the CE, CKL, CLJ, CLT, HDC, PCB, PCK and PGB lines.


Janitrol products came with a limited lifetime warranty (for the original owner) and a limited 5-year warranty on parts.

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