Intertherm Furnaces

Intertherm Furnaces

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Intertherm Furnace Overview

Intertherm supplies a variety of gas, electric and oil furnaces for manufactured homes. The heat exchangers are made of heavy gauge aluminized steel to maximize efficiency and durability. Heat loss and sound production are minimized by the use of insulated cabinets, and the risk of rust and corrosion is decreased by the appliances' protective finish. Intertherm aims to ensure the quality of its systems through its manufacturing line testing of each unit and their components.

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Intertherm Gas Furnaces

Intertherm's gas furnaces meet all federal energy efficiency standards and HUD requirements. The units range in efficiency from 78 to as much as 95.1 percent AFUE. They are equipped with safety feature such as dual shut off valves. These valves ensure a complete disconnect of gas to the unit in the event of an emergency. An installed fan switch allows air to be continuously circulated throughout the home all year regardless of outdoor temperature extremes. A split-system air conditioner and heat pump can be added to the built-in coil cabinet for increased comfort.

Intertherm Electric Furnaces

Designed with convenience and versatility in mind, the installation of these white, small and compact electric furnaces can be tailored to each home's unique ductwork configuration. Upflow or downflow air distribution is made possible by the installation of split-system coil cabinets. The manufacturer says its electric furnaces are adaptable enough to work with self-contained or split-system air conditioners and heat pumps.

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Intertherm Oil Furnaces

Intertherm oil furnaces range in efficiency from 78 to 83 percent AFUE, and meet all federal energy efficiency standards and HUD requirements. Homeowners have flexibility when using these furnaces because natural gas, propane gas or oil can be used depending on which energy source is more geographically or economically convenient. This oil furnace can be hooked up with a matching cooling system and uses either a high efficiency drum or multiple-tube heat exchanger for maximized performance.


Intertherm furnaces come with a 1-year parts and labor warranty, and there is a 10-year heat exchanger warranty. Extended warranties are available through HVAC dealers.

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