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5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Working fine for the last 47 years and still going strong! My house was built in 1973 and this 145,000 btu HydroTherm model HC-145 ( Ser# 22171) the natural gas-fired boiler has 4 zones heating 3 floors for 12 rooms in two living areas. I have only had to do normal occasional maintenance and replaced several zone valves over the years as well as the circulation pump has had to be replaced a few times. The expansion tank and water pressure input regulator has been replaced too. But these items are all just the minor peripheral items, however the main boiler has been solid as a rock all of these 47 years of cold Northern NJ winter seasons.

Peter G. Balazsy

Haledon, NJ

"Boiler that heats the water with no problem"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We have owned the boiler for 3 years now and has had no problems at all. With two kids, we have plenty of hot water for showers. No repairs so far! I would happily buy this brand again and recommend it to family and friends. The boiler does all of its intended purposes and we have saved a lot of money since no repairs have been serviced yet. I will update this review as necessary when we do need a repair, yet hopefully there will be none in the near future! If we move soon (which is possible), I plan to install this same boiler into the house should the new house have an old boiler. It is small and easy to install and couldn't imagine a better way to heat my water. I hope this review is helpful for those who are considering buying a new boiler, this Hydrotherm is the way to go!

Harrisonburg, VA

"Great boiler with great eficency"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

First of all, this company and their product are amazing. When you call, you get a person and not a machine. They help you with any questions you have and if they can't answer it right away, they get back to you extremely soon. I thought a part was missing, and they didn't hesitate to send a replacement right away. Turns out, the part was left in the box. Now, on to the boiler. It's recently new, so I can't tell you about longevity, but, as of now, I have absolutely no regrets. It wasn't overly expensive but it's very efficient and quiet. You can't even hear it when it works. My old one that I replaced, you could hear from the floor above when it turned on and was working. You can't hear anything with this. Overall, great product. I've only owned it for a couple of months so I can't really say anything else about it. As of now, I'd recommend this product to anyone in the market for a boiler, simply because of the customer service. They're there when you need them and are there to help. You can buy the most expensive top of the line item out there, but if you have a problem and you're talking to a machine when you call, what's the point? Super quiet and great service at a reasonable price, what else do you need?

Elizabeth, NJ

"Great Boiler for the Price"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have owned this boiler for a little less than a year now. It replaced an "old faithful" that I was very sad to lose. I liked that it was reasonably priced and easy to install. It came with instructions that were manageable and I was able to do it myself with minimal help from a friend of mine who is an oil guy. There's not much that I dislike about it. I spent a lot of time researching and think I made the right decision. I haven't needed to repair it yet, and am hoping to get a few years of flawless service from it before it needs something. I would recommend a Hydrotherm to anyone looking for a good moderately priced boiler.

Hartford, CT

"May be inefficient, but it lasts forever"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We have a home built in 1959 with a HyrdroTherm R-180 boiler in it. We purchased the home in 2000 and have had zero problems with the boiler while doing minimal maintenance (probably less than we should have). The previous owner replaced a pump and some flow control valves. I have changed the water in the system about twice (just drain & fill) & every year I oil the pump maybe twice a heating season. I have also replaced a fresh water backflow preventer valve & paid HVAC contractors twice to 'inspect & clean' the system. I watched them do it and all they did was use a compressor to blow the dust out of the burners, check the flue draft, & check some system temperatures before charging me about $100. So I decided I could do that myself and save the money. Occasionally the wind blows the pilot out and I have to relight it. Also planned to use a chemical descaling solution, since we have hard/softened water, but I've been told I might cause leaks in the old system. I have had many people tell me I should replace it with a newer energy efficient boiler, so this year we are making the leap. Here's hoping I'm not making a mistake by giving up old reliable & affordable for something less reliable or high annual service costs! If my plumber (neighbor) could get Hydrotherm products, I'd be putting another one in!



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